Tips on Taking The Licensure Examinations

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I have heard that tomorrow, some nursing graduates will test their knowledge, skills, and attitude in order to become registered nurses, as well as to get a license for themselves. This examination is one that I took, and fortunately, passed it, and got a pretty decent scores. All the long months of studying, staying late, and eating (yeah. Hehe), I thought that the labor and sacrifices was worth it.

There are several theories, as well as tips and tricks in taking the nursing licensure exams - given by not only batchmates, but also seniors, reviewers, and some internet sources (which I do not remember, sorry). I read them, and usually see that they gave me the same suggestions. Some went well, helped me take the exams, and some aggravated my situation.

Here in my post, I would like to share to all of you the top 10 tricks that I used before, while, and after taking the Nursing Licensure Examinations.

This is how we all look while taking exams.
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1. Discover your best review style. I think that this is one of the most critical steps to take when you take the board examinations. One does not simply learn while in Starbucks sipping coffee 1mL per minute with classmates and doing group review, while one is highly productive doing such. As for me, I prefer studying by myself - I learned this while taking the degree. However, I think that you may also notice what your learning style is. Just stick with it.

Moreover, some prefer studying bit-per-bit in a long time, while others do cram-review, and I can say that I am comfortable with the latter. I studied hard in the week before the exams as it provides me longer retention.

2. Learn to do an "educated guess". It maybe impossible to predict the licensure examination questions, but it does not hurt if you guess, right? Look at previous exams, ask your seniors on what topics are strongly emphasized in examinations, and while reviewing, look at topics that are repetitive in nature. Before our licensure examinations, seniors say that "lithium, as well as its toxicity and management", is one of the topics that are repeated year per year. And guess what? It showed up, and probably might just show up in yours.

3. Read your mnemonics exactly a day before the board exams. You, your classmates, and your reviewer may have formulated mnemonics while studying for the board examinations. Example of mnemonics is ADPIE, which stands for the steps in the nursing process. Such mnemonics can help you greatly in passing the nursing licensure examinations.

4. Read for updates before the examinations. The board of Nursing is tricky - they can give you questions pertaining to present issues in a whim. This happened to us, and are caught on guard. Try to visit government websites - the Department of Health, Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Social Welfare and Development, or even PhilHealth, a day before the exams. Browse some of the latest articles that may possibly show in the examinations. In our case, EntrepreNURSE came up, a topic in which I have no idea of.

5. Be prepared. Make sure you took your pee already, or have visited the toilet, for whatever purposes you might have. Moreover, prepare for the worst - bring some over-the-counter medications with you (though I'm not advocating self-medication), just in case. Our bodies may react because of stress, and we need something to combat these, right?

Also, don't forget the documents that you need in taking the licensure examinations. Your Notice of Admission, Registration Form, receipts, valid IDs and everything that they require you to bring, make sure are in your envelope before leaving your house. Moreover, getting a good night's sleep before the examination can really help you think better!

Note: Take a cold shower the morning before the exams. Not icy cold but a little colder than tap water. There are some rumors that it also increases brain activity during the day. Maybe true or false, but it does not hurt to try, right? Not only it may increase brain activity, but it also keeps you fresh throughout the day!


6. Eat a light dinner the day before the exams, and eat a medium breakfast in the morning. Do not starve yourself. We are all aware that we cannot work that well while taking the exams in an empty stomach. Moreover, grab some of your "comfort food", which may help you settle down and be relaxed while taking the exams. In my case, my comfort food is Chocnut, which is chocolate made up of peanut. Not only is it rich in manganese (which is rumored to boost mental activity), but it's also rich in sugar which your brain needs while taking the nursing licensure examinations. Moreover, bring a bottle of water with you. A liter will do, because you may not be taking the exams in an air-conditioned room. In my case, I took the exams in a covered court. Imagine how hot it was.

7. Pray. It may not be applicable to all, but you can pray before taking the examinations - be it God to whom you're praying for, or Allah, or anyone who we believe in. We pray because we need someone to guide us and pacify us in this time of anxiety, right? Also, it does not take a very long time to pray, right? Just ask for help, guidance, and comfort, as well as thank Him for the opportunity given to you, taking these examinations.

8. Establish your cheat-ing strategies. No, not what you think of. Cheat the board of nursing, I mean, establish your wild guess strategies, not only while taking the review, but also while taking the degree. Even though you have reviewed for months, or some, even years, there will come a point that you will be stuck in a question about a topic that you don't remember (or didn't even encounter). Some of these cheat-ing strategies can be read here.


9. Don't talk to your batchmates or even friends after taking the examinations. Well, not absolutely remove interacting with them, but don't talk about the questions. This will lead you to a very confusing situation, as these talks can highten your anxiety and stress even more. Telling your friends that you got an answer wrong will not cheer you up, right? Walk out of the testing center as confident as you can be, looking smart, and exit the testing area. You can visit your church and pray for everything, to lessen your stress. You can also treat yourself for doing well and with the best that you can. Now the Starbucks thingy can come.

10. Don't wait for the results. Don't be a couch potato after your board examinations - look for part-time jobs that may occupy your time, and may also eliminate any feelings of anxiety and stress. While waiting for the board exam results, earn money - that's good, eh? Working may also boost your interpersonal skills in preparation of what's in store for you. There are several part-time jobs you can apply to, get an online job as a writer or whatsoever, or even teach English to Foreign Students, like Koreans. As you are busy, you will not notice that the results will come out.

Now, you got it. These steps are what I've done and I think that they have helped me well while taking the examinations. These may not be applicable for all of you, but doing them might help, right?

GOOD LUCK, guys!

Is there a tip that you can add for the future examinees? Post them below.

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