Let's Move & Let's Love

"Sweet is the voice of a sister in the season of sorrow." - Benjamin Disraeli

In this life, we tend to meet a lot of people. Be it friends, classmates, workmates, people who are dear to our heart, and most especially, family. They say that you cannot choose your own family, for they are God's gift to everyone. My family is really a gift. Though we are subjected (and will still be subjected) to a lot of difficulties, it is good to know that we are still intact and still standing strong.

In every sorrowful moments my family and I experience, one person gives me the strength to go on and stand strong. In my times of hardships, there's a shoulder that I can lean on. In times of hurting silence, there's a voice that reminds me that life is good for all of us. In times of silence, there's this light that guides me to the right direction, and that person, is my sister.

My sister is a nurse. We are both nurses, but she really is working in a hospital, working with patients, providing their medications, giving care to babies, and also takes care of patient's records, documenting every intervention that she does. Tiresome it may seem, but when she comes home, we'll never hear even a slight "sigh" from her, and will still help us in our chores. That's how strong she is. But her strength is not limited there.

Putting her physical strength aside, her emotional side is somewhat what makes our family intact. Being the eldest, she has the responsibility of keeping the siblings disciplined, helping the parents in the finances, and many more, but I never heard her complain that much. 

Women are known to have very weak emotional aspect, but I think that her emotional strength is way better than mine, even though she's a woman. It is I who always ask for her guidance, and during my college years, my "call center" when I have problems (anything but monetary, haha), or when I miss the family, she is always there to provide her help, even to drive to my dorm even though it's late at night. Just give a small hint of "*ehem* I think I like pizza..", she will definitely buy a pizza. That's how supportive and strong she is. A super sister.

With all these feats and efforts, she tends to forget her own happiness. She may not show it, but as a brother, I can feel it.

Her birthday is nearing, it's just a month away. She may be asking for nothing, but I am truly aware of what she is obsessed of, pens. And as a way of giving back, I think that it doesn't hurt if I bring some back to her, right? I am now on my way of collecting several assorted pens and give them to her in her most special day of the year. With these pens, she will not only be happy, but she will also use them to help their patients. With a bottle of Let's Love, then her birthday will be better. :)

I will surely make this come true. I promise.

Seeing her happy in her special day will be the best thing I can experience. After all her sacrifices, all I can say, "it's payback time." I am not ashamed to say that I love her, and ready to move on life with her. Really, sweet is the voice of a sister in the season of sorrow.

Let's Move and Let's Love!

P.S.: I made my promise come true! My sister liked it to the point of screaming! :D


  1. happy birthday to your sis! :)

    1. In behalf of her, maraming salamat po. Ipaabot ko sa kanya ito, galing sa aking idol na si akoaysalbahe. Hehe. :)

  2. ang sweet naman. happy birthday kay ate mo. being a nurse runs in your family pala ah. idol mo siya no? hehehe

    1. Idol ko sya, pero mas idol kita Idol Rogie! hehehe.. Dalawa kayo ni.. ano kasing pangalan ni.. ah, Apollo!

    2. oo naman, idol ko rin yan si Apollo. hehehehe :)

    3. Ang idol ng lahat. Apollo! Pwede nang humabol!! Sa funrun. :D

  3. Happy birthday to your sis. Sigurado mabait siya kasi mababait kaming mga October ang birthday. Haha. By the way, please check out my blog. I have something for you there. Missing you in the syndications, I hope maayos na yung G+ mo, found your post and found it weird, too. :)



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