History of the Overpriced Non-coffee Coffee

I always like to taste something new. Be it a new product, a new restaurant, a new type of candy, or even a new flavor of mineral water (if there is), I will surely taste them whenever I see something new. Since high school, I hear some things about some coffee shops that have dominated the country, and because this is something new to me back then, I wished to have a taste, however, financial matters did not permit me to. We're not that rich.

However, as I become older, I had the chance to have at least enough money to buy myself a cup of that coffee everyone is crazy about. Let me first tell you the history of my first overpriced coffee taste (actually, it's not even coffee, it's coffee-free. Haha).

Well, as usual, there are "happy hours" in this coffee shop that my friend and I visited, and hey, it's my FIRST TIME. Of course, I'm excited (yeah, OK laugh at me now) about the shop's smell, ambiance, and the sight of everyone having a picture with their coffee. As we enter the shop, there is not much people inside, and maybe, we're earlier than the happy hour. We ordered our half-priced overpriced-coffee (which is non-coffee), however, my friend said that she would pay for both. Even though I'm ashamed (weh!), I had her pay for both, as refusing an offer is quite offensive, right?

"For here? or To go?"

I didn't know how to answer. Good thing this friend knows how to respond in this very difficult question, which is even harder to answer than the board exams. Haha.. We had ours "to go", and went back to school with a cup of non-coffee coffee at hand.

That ends the story. My quest towards having my first sip of coffee. After that, there are even more bouts of tasting these products, until now. And now, let me give you my overpriced non-coffee coffee scoreboard:
Intake:                   11 times

Out of these intakes, I had:
Happy hour:             3 times
Treat:                     3 times
Happy hour + treat:  2 times

Yeah. Out of those 11 times I tasted their products, I had 3 happy hours, two of which I was treated by a friend. How convenient.

That's it! Random post again. Haha

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  1. astig. talagang bilang mo ah. hehehehe. 3 in 1 pa rin ang da best.andami nang variations pa ngayon. hehehehe. Kaya ako, daily dose of coffee ko sa office ay 3 in 1 na iba ibang flavors gamit ang tumbler ko na gift sa kin ng dati kong manager from the coffee shop you are mentioning here (i guess). hehehehe


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