Definitely not your ordinary guy.

I was on the church with my mates (I am an altar server) when one of my friends started a conversation.

L: Eh ano bang gamit mo? (What brand do you use?)
J: Kojic soap.
L: Kaya naman pala biglang naging ganyan mukha mo. (That's why your face is like that.)
Me: Oo nga, hindi maganda ang Kojic soap sa mga may sugat sa mukha dahil sa pimples. (Yes, Kojic soap is not good for those with pimple wounds.)
A: Oo nga, acid kasi yun. (Of course, because it's an acid.)

J: Eh, ngayon lang naman ang sakripisyo. (No, I just need to sacrifice for now.)
A: Basta ako, ang gamit ko, Master. Hiyang ang balat ko dun. (For me, I use Master (astringent). My skin is used to it.)
L: Basta ako, Olay. (For me, I use Olay.)
A: Wow! Bigtime! Kaya pala pumuti ang mukha mo. (Wow! Bigtime! Maybe that's the reason why your face turned fairer.)

These conversations are really not the ones that I will start. I don't usually talk about things like this, and I don't usually like these things.

Men today have some degree of vanity. Men using facial scrubs, using body scrubs, some using facial powder, going to gym for a more toned body, and many more that makes themselves look better. It looks like nowadays, all of these things are common for both genders. But it's not common for me.

I am not the one to make myself look good, because I feel good about myself. Though I have some insecurities when it comes to physical appearance, I have already accepted my body that I am able to appreciate it. Yes, I do exercise lately, to look better in some degree, but my main reason is to become healthier.

I grew up a life full of discrimination and very hurtful words. I have been a victim of bullying just because I'm not one of the "good looking" ones, and because I'm "bigger than expected". I am used to those hurtful words that people have thrown at me. And those things made me stronger as a person.

Now, I realized to myself, that you cannot please everyone, and you just need to become what you really are. That way, you'll feel really good with yourself.

I'm not handsome, and my body is not toned well. But I'm definitely not your ordinary guy.


  1. hanep ang conversation ah. hehehe

    altar server ka pala bro. for me, that makes you more extraordinary. Nurse na, altar server pa. busy pero may time pa rin mag serve sa Kanya. astig! :)

    1. Hehe. Lahat kasi ng achievements ko, feeling ko, at totoong nanggaling lang sa kanya. It's time to bring it back to the one!


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