Cloud 9!

I've always wanted to become a photographer. A frustrated photographer, perhaps. I have no finances to buy digital cameras, or the now-trending SLR cameras, which capture better, clearer images. I needed to stick to my mobile phone just to capture images that I think, would not happen again. These pictures, though not that magnificent, can really show my love to take pictures.

If I'm to look for a photography niche, I think I would be under nature. I am always fascinated with nature and everything that completes it. Sceneries, trees, plants, the sun, everything. I love to take pictures of it, anytime, anywhere. My favorite? Clouds and the sky.

I always look at the sky, not only to check the weather, but to also appreciate its beauty. Our planet has been much blessed with several things to enjoy, including the skies.

Here are some pictures that I have taken:

Spot the child and his monster playmate!
Here they are!~
And my favorite of them all!~

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