So, why TheToiletThoughts?

I created this blog just this April, and have decided to continue this blog as long as I can. I have created several blogs before, and upon visiting them again, I saw that I barely made a very sensible post on them. But, now, it's something I will take care of. I'm serious this time.

Let me break it all down.

I am a person full of random thoughts. I don't know, I think it's because I always think of certain things that are not even related to my everyday life, like, how corrupt is this politician, how convenient having a computer is, how to solve hunger in earth, the "hidden meaning" on Dora the Explorer's theme song, and the perfect way on how Oggy can catch the cockroaches. These random things, I think of.

Why not TheRandomThoughts?

Tissue paper, anyone?
I can, and have thought of having that blog name, but it seems very ordinary. I want something new, something unique, something catchy. (Though I'm not sure if it's catchy enough. Haha) I, again, had random thoughts on what name I will give my blog. There goes TheToiletThoughts. I noticed that these thoughts always occur when I'm taking my.. you know.. dump? And yes, like a newspaper that others use while doing their 'thing', I have my own version of random thoughts, and before I finish, I usually come into conclusion on the thing I'm thinking of.

So now, you know why, eh? Though my blog is named as such, I promise not to produce things that can be easily flushed down to the toilet. As Douglas McArthur said, "I shall return.", so my thoughts are.

Visit my blog's relative, TheKoreanThoughts, for things about Korea!


  1. I love your blog site name...really catchy...hope it won't stink..hahaha just it..."D

  2. Hahaha.. Thanks! It will not stink, I promise! :)


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