Impeach the Philippines!

Chief Justice Renato C. Corona, who has been deprived of our country's so-called "justice".
If the voting is done anonymously, would that make a difference?
This question has been lingering in my mind since yesterday. Yesterday is a huge part of our country's history. A day where the wrong person was proven guilty, and those who are guilty had their hands clean.

I would just like to laud the Chief Justice for holding on 'till the end. You just proved your innocence in the accusation. In addition, I would like to applaud three of our country's senators for doing the RIGHT thing.

"We did not prove that he is corrupt.", one senator said. (not exact message)

Come to notice it, there will be a senatorial elections on 2013, and one on 2016.

People were enraged due to misinformation and professional puppetry.

More senators voted GUILTY.

Honorable Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, known as the "Dragon" of the Senate, voted NOT GUILTY. She is going to international court. She will not lose anything (next senatorial elections) if she does the RIGHT thing.

Honorable Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos voted NOT GUILTY. He has a very high political influence in Ilocos Norte.

Honorable Senator Joker Arroyo voted NOT GUILTY. He has been in politics for a long time already.

I called them honorable for these people deserved honor.

I raise all my available fingers (preferably the tallest one) for those who succumbed to public rage and the fear of losing in the next elections, and submitted to the professional puppetry of the blindly-elected president.

I asked my mom, "bakit kasi binoto nyo pa si *toooot*?" (Why did you vote for *tooot*?) She replied, "Ewan ko nga eh." (I don't know why.)

If given the chance to change the impeachment process, I would change it in a way that the voting will be anonymous, and that no one will now who voted which. That way, I think that it would make a difference. It may not change the verdict, but it might have heightened the NOT GUILTY votes.

Now, I'm more proud to say, I did not vote for you-know-who. I am a wise voter. And, if the three run for election again, I will definitely vote for them. No if's or but's.

To the Chief Justice, you don't deserve to sit in a place where you're attacked by dirty tactics. You deserve more. Have a strong body and a clear mind, I support you all the way.

If you're going to impeach Corona, you might as well put everyone in an impeachment process. That way, we'll know who really is "clean" and "dirty".

Impeach the Philippines!

What do you think of the recent impeachment? Comment below.


  1. I like your article so much especially your last statement. I'm not really a pro-Corona but in my opinion it was evident that what happened was clearly prejudiced and political. We can actually make out who are the hypocrites in the government. I commend him for not resigning and holding on til the end which, I think,is something an innocent person would do. The three senators who voted not guilty were truly commendable, seeing that there were the only people who were not swayed by public opinion and who did not succumb to, as you said it, the puppetry of the president.

  2. Yes, it is.

    People have been blinded since the elections. The promise that he will become like his parents has encouraged some to vote for him. Now, those who voted for him even think why they did.

    We are now by ourselves. It is a dictatorship in the making.

  3. Dahil nauumay na ako sa English at nahiya naman ako sa galing ng iyong pag-iingles, pipiliin kong managalog na lamang.

    Gaya mo, hindi rin ako sang-ayon sa nangyari sa impeachment trial. Kahit sabihin kong naging abala ako sa pagtunganga nang mga panahong iyon at wala akong sapat na kaalaman sa naging proseso dahil ayaw ng nanay kong manuod kami ng TV; base sa mga nabasa ko sa internet, parang may sablay.


    F na F ng mga prosecutor na patalsikin si Corona. Okay lang sana yun, kaya lang para yatang sa mga maling kadahilanan.

    O sige, sila na ang mabuti, honest, malinis, ano pa?

    Bukod sa hindi ko maintindihan kung paano nakabangon kagad si Corona from ICU dahil sa life-threatening hypoglycemic event nya at Troponin levels, yung iba, naguluhan na ako. Sana nga yung Diabetes nalang niya ang pinag-usapan baka may nabuo pang matino.

    Tama ka, impeach na ang Pilipinas. Kasama ako. Kaya lang nakakahiya lang isipin na ni isang kusing para atang wala akong madedeclare ngayon...

    Sya nga pala, dapat yung mga nasa trial, apply sila sa mga media companies. Madaming lead roles na naghihintay sa kanila tutal parang ginawa naman nilang PBB drama ng buhay ang proseso...

    The impeachment proceedings have not served its truest purpose, in my most honest opinion.

    Pero ang galing mo brad. Follow na kita simula ngayon. :)

  4. Maraming salamat po sa inyong komento.

    Dahil malapit na din ang Agosto, ako'y magtatagalog na din.

    Isang magandang bagay na mayroon pa ding mga Pilipinong katulad natin may "alam" at "pakialam" sa ating bansa. Mga taong hindi lang nakiki-sama sa agos. At dahil doon, maraming salamat.

    Meron lamang akong isang malaking comment dyan sa issue.

    "Di lang na-declare sa SALN, corruption na? Impeachment na? PBB Teens?" Hehe.

  5. REPOSTED FROM COMMENT IN MIRRIAM.COM.PH: I beg to disagree. The lady senator made some points BUT purely on technicalities. Her explanation is centered on her opinion that the non-declaration or misdeclaration in SALN is not a high crime and therefore not an impeachable offense. OK she made her point (though still debatable) but did she ever try to explain about the "betrayal of public trust" clause? It is a high crime as well and is definitely an impeachable offense. Can she define it? NO. No one can ever define betrayal of public trust, not even the Supreme Court. In Francisco, Jr. vs. Nagmamalasakit na mga Manananggol ng mga Manggagawang Pilipino, Inc., the Supreme Court of the Philippines ruled that the definition of "betrayal of public trust" is a "a non-justiciable political question which is beyond the scope of its judicial power" under the Constitution. It did not prescribe which branch of government has the power to define it, but implies that Congress, which handles impeachment cases, has the power to do so. Both the lower and upper house decided already that Corona was guilty of betrayal of public trust, then no one can contest that decision not even the Supreme Court. So there's no point in arguing that decision since betrayal of public trust is a very complex issue and only the Congress can rule it out. It was obvious Corona did something wrong with his SALN, yes Mirriam is right that it can be corrected and be given lighter penalty, BUT error was very obvious involving ommitting millions of pesos and dollars. For the best interest of the public, it is not just to say that Corona is not guilty. Let's face it, impeachment trials are not purely judicial, it's also political.

  6. Yes, she might have focused on the fact that the misdeclaration in the SALN is an impeachable offense or not, but starting from there, it might already have cut the impeachment process.

    The chief justice, I believe, is merely a victim of political hate. The president started to weed out those products of the previous administration, which he hates very well.

    We must also bear in mind that people can be 'shaked' easily by fear. The congress may have deemed that the CJ has betrayed public trust, but are we sure that it's really their judgment? As we all know, elections is coming, and people are possibly following what the masses think, afraid that if there is a re-election, they might not be voted again.

    If betrayal of public trust is that shallow, we might as well put every other politician to the impeachment court. They have long betrayed the public's trust, and our politics has always been this dirty.

    The chief justice did not betray public trust, he was accused by 'forced' betrayal of public trust.


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