Is reviving a patient a SIN?

"Our life is God's property. We have no right to take it, when it is not being taken by God.. and you have no right to prolong it if God already takes it.

This statement was given to us by a mentor before, during a religion class. I am not yet a nurse back then, and have sticked to this principle ever since. What my mentor said is basically true, based on the first statement. Our life is essentially a property of God, and we need to treat it with utmost respect. No one has the right to abuse the body given to us.

The next statement is also true. We do not have the right to take our/others' life, as it is God's property. We are violating that person's right to life and free living, and we become sinners.

The third statement struck me the most. I still remember this statement until now, and being a nurse, this statement crosses the line between religion and my profession. What do you think about the last statement?

Being a student nurse, and a registered nurse, I have assisted, or even performed revival on a dying patient. After performing the revival, and patient comes back to life (heart is beating), I feel fulfilled. I have relieved the anticipatory grieving of the patient's relatives, and prolonged the agony of the patient. Yes, agony. Imagine being unable to even move because you're comatose, or having difficulty of breathing all throughout the day. Having a nasogastric tube (tube where feedings are given, which is uncomfortable) that stays there. Having tubes all over, and additional pricks of needles now and then. Can I really feel relieved after what I've done?

This thing is really difficult to decide, whether revive the patient or not. Tell you, even the reviving procedure sure is painful, try to stick a finger on the bone at the center of your chest, push it hard. That's how painful it is, as the whole hand is placed there, and is pushed firmly. After inflicting pain to the patient, but reducing the anxiety of relatives, is revival really worth it?

You, as a ordinary person or a healthcare provider, do you think reviving a patient a sin?

As for me, I do what I think is right. At the end of the day, God will decide if what I've done is right or wrong. I just have to ask the question to Him, when the day comes.

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  1. There really are things in our practice that have variable implications. Unlike the theories we learned, which are relatively constant in nature, decision-making in nursing varies. In my most honest opinion, it all boils down to what particular end you intend to arrive at. Whatever it is, make sure it is proper and just. :)

  2. if it's God's will to take the life of the patient, I don't think any good doctor/nurse could revive that person in any way. I don't think it's a sin to revive a patient.


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