Bleep. Bleep. My first blog post.

Hi! 안녕하십나까!

This would be the start of my blogging times, well I always liked to start a blog, however, time management issues and my own laziness directed me to not to start blogging.

Well, here it is. My first blog.

I don't even know to whom I am writing to, however, if someone reads this post, them you are my first reader. Haha..

Enough with the senseless gibberish and let's get to the real thing.

Well, I've sensed that these days, I'm starting to have random thoughts while in random places, especially in the toilet. Politics, sports, life, gaming, technology, and everything under the sun. One day, I started to think of setting up a blog in which I can share these things with other people. And I bet, that even others share the same things too.

Let me tell you first about myself.

I am JC (my nickname), a 21-year-old male from the Philippines. I am a nurse in profession, however, an inner sense always make me think that I am a doctor-to-be. However, I am still ambivalent about what's in store for me, so my chances of going to medical school are still not stable. But I'm thinking about it. A lot.

Well, I am really shy about saying this but, I am just converted from being a frustrated Japanese to a frustrated Korean. Well, I really really admire the culture. I'm not saying that I don't admire mine, but I find theirs quite diverse, especially their writing system and language. Hangul is considered the most scientific writing system in the earth, so it is quite challenging. I said "I'm really shy to say", because other people find it weird, and I don't know why. This conversion has started while teaching English to Korean students, in which I made new friends with other races. In a short span of time, I learned their writing system, as well as some parts of their language.

OK, enough with the Korean thingy. I might post some things here, in the future.

I am a techie. A Geek. I long for the latest breakthroughs of technology. From gadgets to computers to almost everything. Another trait (or skill) that I have is when I use a gadget, even just for an hour, I can learn the features and settings that even the user, who used the gadget for days, doesn't even know. A skill, I guess.

I am a self- and others-diagnosed OC person. Well, I like organizing things. From documents, to my tangible things, to computer filenames, and to everything. Even with my phone, every contact needs to have their First Name and Last Name, and their numbers should start with (+63). I also do not use text speak. I don't know why. OC nga eh. Haha. Working in the hospital, you would usually see me removing staples off charts, tearing tapes from papers and stuff, and start to organize everything. Well, it wouldn't hurt to see charts clean like that, eh?

I am a writer, and will always be a writer. Integrating my OC-ness with writing, I would usually spotted some errors with my writing, and even others', and would try to corrected them as gently, respectfulled, and as cleaned as I can. During my thesis days, I scanned our whole thesis from start to end, spotting grammatical, punctuation, and spacing errors. (OC FTW.)

I love Manga. I usually read Naruto Shippuden and Fairy Tail. I used to watch anime, but I think that anime is way too later than the manga. So I started to read manga. I might post about this thing too.

Well, this post is kind of getting longer and longer by the second, so I will stop here. I might post some things here at some time, so stay tuned. I'm not at the toilet, by the way. :D

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