On Traffic Rules and Public Safety

Well, yesterday, as I was going home, I rode this jeepney (I'm not hellafa rich person to have a car), and as we came past the traffic light, we were stopped by a traffic enforcer. Here's the conversation:

Enforcer: Boss, nasan yung lisensya mo. (Boss, where is your license?)
Driver: Boss, wala naman po akong ginawa. (Boss, I didn't even do anything wrong.)
Wondering on what the violation is, I tried to listen to other passenger's comments and heard: "May sumasakay kasi, tapos biglang nag-GO yung traffic light, hindi umabante yung driver. (There is a passenger trying to ride the jeepney. When the traffic light signaled "Go", the driver did not accelerate.) Upon hearing this, I heard the driver say. "Boss, sumasakay kasi, naglalakad yung pasahero, alangan namang mag-full-speed ako, edi nadisgrasya yung pasahero." (Boss, there is a passenger riding the jeepney. I can't even accelerate, it might harm the passenger.)

Upon hearing this, the enforcer still is not convinced. Although I also have felt someone is riding the jeepney at that time, with the thudding of the footsteps. (I was daydreaming back then, so I am not paying attention).

If you're really going to analyze the situation, both parties have their point. However, who comes in power? The enforcer. Although the driver has good intentions, the enforcer still reigns, and the rules states so. So, the driver gave his license, received a violation ticket, and is bound to pay 500 pesos for him to claim his license back.

Well for me, I think that we need to be more open minded about this issue. If we are really going to follow the rules, the driver has his own fault. Laws are made for the public to be organized, and for our society to become better. If we become lenient enough to people, then they will definitely do it again.

However, looking at the case of the driver, he has his point too. Thinking of the safety of the passengers is one of the provisions that the driver has agreed upon while applying for a professional driver's license. You can't put the passenger's safety at stake here, for if he/she gets injured, it's another violation.

I can't enforce my own judgment here, for there are already laws that are stipulated in our government. However, as a nurse and a concerned citizen, I think that it is always OK to ensure the safety of the public first. Not moving past the traffic light can cause heavy traffic, but heavy traffic can't possibly harm a person. Speeding while a passenger rides the jeepney put a great threat to the passenger's safety.

The solution here is this. Move the terminal farther. If you put the loading area before a traffic lights, incidents like there are sure to happen.

If I'm to become a president of the Philippines, a senator, or a legislator, I would make/approve laws that will change our traffic rules. And there will be major changes.

P.S. After a few minutes after the incident. I saw the driver eating fruits, and throwing his trash on the road. Inside my mind, I'm saying "Parang medyo bagay mo yun." (It seems that you deserved that, a little.)

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