Everyday is a test.
Everyday is a test. Life is a continuous examination of your competence to live in this very challenging world. It is a series of struggles that makes you a better person. Either  you pass or fail, you still gain something - the chance to become a better person.

Exams are one of the biggest fears of every person, be it a school exam, laboratory exam, or a medical exam. Whenever one hears the word "exam", he might experience a little anxiety, or even tremble with such a thought.

Being a person in this test-filled world, I have encountered a lot of examinations. Being a student has subjected me to a lot of tests which challenged my knowledge about certain things. Being a human has subjected me to a lot of medical examinations to test my state of well-being. And being God's child, I have been subjected to a lot of life's examinations, to ensure my proper functioning as God's creation.

My life has been a lot of tests.

One of the examinations that made me tremble that much is the Nursing Licensure Examinations. As soon as I entered the degree (BSN), and became a Nursing Student, I have already feared and have prepared for it. Four years in the making. Years have passed, and one major examination I need to take is fast approaching. A lot of stress, a lot of worries, and a lot of fear combined is equals to a very overwhelming feeling - a feeling of giving up. Those things gave me some sleepless nights.

The exams came up. I took it. As it ends, I released a very long sigh of relief. And to know that I passed, it's priceless.

And now, one of you, may take one of these exams in a few months. Some, still years in waiting, especially the licensure examinations. My question is... Are you ready?

There are several tips in taking these examinations. Those giving you things like "Study very hard.", or "Keep your notes, and read them regularly." These tips usually give you an idea that "oh, I need to sleep late and review.", but hey, that's not good. The brain also becomes tired after working so hard.

My dear readers, I have things to tell you if you're taking major examinations.

1. Start from the start. Taking a major examination three months from now, or even four years from now doesn't mean you will review the day or months before the examinations. Start from the start. From the first day of class, study very well. Don't take small quizzes for granted. These are very small preparations for something "BIG". Take them seriously, that way, you won't cram that much when it comes to the real thing.

2. Don't overwork yourself. Yes, we need to study very very hard, but that does not mean we need to compromise ourselves. Sleeping late just to study does not guarantee you having a high score, for your brain is very tired from that very hectic night. One thing I did, and will always do - if I'm tired from studying and nothing is entering my system already, I stop and rest. Nothing will enter anyway. That's why I am telling you that you need to start from the start, for reviewing is just "repeat-viewing", not "just-now-viewing."

3. Take your comfort food the moment you take your exam. These comfort foods will help you become relaxed as you take your exams. As you are filled of a lot of stress, these foods will surely alleviate your anxiety. Don't think about your diet, it's just on the day of the exam by the way.

Not these peanuts, real peanuts. Haha
4. Eat peanuts. Peanuts are known to have manganese, an element which enhances brain activity, thus making your brain active while you take an examination. Those stored in your unconscious might (MIGHT!) come out and be used as you take the test. Don't worry about the acne, it's just this day, by the way.

5. The morning before the examinations, take a bath with cold water. Though not proven, there are articles in the internet telling us that if you take a bath with cold water, 10% more of your brain will work throughout the day. This will add to the functioning neurons that our brain has. You won't lose something if you will try, right?

6. Don't worry that much. It is known that mild to moderate anxiety can increase concentration and hasten thinking, but severe anxiety will make your mind cloudy. You cannot concentrate in your work, and will eventually make you very anxious and tired. Don't worry that much. You pass, you pass. You fail, you still have the chance to pass.

7. Pray. It does not hurt to pray. Seek for guidance and help. Whether it's done months before the examinations or just right before the examinations, He will surely hear your woes and help you.

There are still things that might help you take these mind-boggling examinations. There are several strategies that you can use in order to pass them all. I used these things actually, as I was taking the licensure examinations.

You may pass these exams. But remember, it's still not the end. Always remember that..
"Everyday is a test."
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  1. Lol at the Peanuts pics. I strongly agree with #1.

  2. I remember how I passed the ECE licensure examinations many years ago.

  3. @Cyberpunk: Haha. Who would eat those adorable kids?

    @Kalabasa: Nice! Hope you're doing well as a ECE now!

  4. @Mark: Of course! It does not fail! With proper preparation and prayers, all will be well!

    @beingwell: Yes! One of the problems of people today is conversion disorder. All anxiety and stress converted to physical manifestations! Visit your doctor for prescription for possible manifestations!~

  5. in taking an exam you should not only be academically prepared. we should also be emotionally and psychologically prepared.

  6. @msairrapingol: You're taking a major exam? :)

    @rachelle: Of course! Taking care of the body, mind, and spirit reflects well on the exam!~

  7. I agree life is a series of test and I did take a major exam once which was the CPA board exams which I passed but with a very minimal passing rate, it was one that I did worry about. Aside from your tips, I'd like to leave this, we create our luck by trying the hardest. The more we cover in our review, the more chances we'd get the right answers.

  8. Hello! I'm reading your blog for a while. It's really interesting. four months I will have my Licensure Examination. I know that it will be hard because I have to learn all the medicines and all the stuff about them, but as you said above, trust me that God is the only one who can help us. Of course, that we need to do our part, I mean that we have to learn,and I'm sure that God will be on our side. Life taught me a hard lesson 4 months ago, and if God wasn't there, maybe my mum wasn't still alive and healthy today! That's why I am thankful for everything I have! :)


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