You.. Got Talent?

In our age of increasing appreciation to the arts, talents and entertainment, one must (should I really say must?) have at least one talent for us to show everyone that we are not left behind. Well, I'm pretty sure that every one of us has his/her own talent, some are not just OK with showing it to others, but deep inside, they have one that may surprise us.

Dancing, singing, painting, beatbox-ing, writing, broadcasting, and many more. These are talents that almost everyone of us admire in other persons. Well, your writer can sing, (you can judge, haha), but I think that I have more talents in store here, but they're not really for talent shows like Got Talent, American Idol, or The Voice. These are very unfamiliar talents that maybe some of us can possess, but some do not. (OK, JC, no more beating around the bush, get to the real deal.)

So, in this post, I would like to share to you my not-so-famous talents. Aside from being able to memorize Dora the Explorer's songs, and memorize TV commercial jingles, I have some very unusual talents. Unusual as they may seem, but I'm pretty amazed that I have these. Haha. Here they are:

1. Prediction. I have a very strong sense of prediction. Whenever I take a bath, I always turn my phone on, with the music playing, so that I won't get bored as I do. And, having this super-talent (wow, supertalent!), once, I tried predicting the next song to play (I have 70+ songs on my phone), and I have guessed it right, with the music player's shuffle on! I tried it on another occassion, it happened, another, happened again, until I came to the point that I can predict tomorrow's lottery winning numbers. (Tomorrow's winning lottery combination is posted below. Kidding. XD)

And also, I have a strong sense of premonition. I can sense something bad if one will really happen, and I feel good when something will become good. I think that this may be a part of human instinct, but still, there are things that happen after I feel bad, and I usually warn people when I do.

2. The 11:11 and 10:16 Phenomenon. I do believe in 11:11 luck, and I am really lucky to see it often. I don't usually wait for the time to appear, there are just times that I really spot my phone on 11:11, the computer time on 11:11 (oh, look, it's 10:12. Haha.) And I usually wish when I do see the time. Same goes with 10:16. I don't know. I think that this may be connected with talent number 1.

3. No blinking. I have this very unusual talent of not blinking. Once in our school festival, there's this contest called "Ang Pinaka" ("The Very..."), in which there are several categories, and one is "How long can you not blink?". I was hesitant at first, as this talent is really unusual, but I still tried. Well, I did it for the prize money (weeeee!), and upon joining the contest, I knew that the longest so far is, 1 minute, 49 seconds. Well, I opened my eyes, reached a minute, 1:30, 1:45, 2:00, 3:00, 5:00+ minutes. Yes, I lasted 5 minutes and ? seconds (can't remember) without blinking, and I made people not blink for that moment. Haha. And my eyes got hurt, and dry. No worries, as I can buy eye lubricants after getting the money anyway. Hahahah. LOL. This is only open for nursing students.

This time, it's different. It's university-wide. The contest now involves students from other colleges. When I saw the booth, I saw people trying to do other things besides not blinking. I went nearer and nearer and nearer the booth and I saw people grinning at me. Well, I guess, I might have left some reputation back then, and I looked at the scoreboard. Longest time, 3 minutes. Challenge accepted. I, again, opened my eyes, never closed them. From a minute, I went to five, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteee, fourteen. Yes. Fourteen straight minutes and some seconds. And the non-blinking streak was broken by a professor who surprised me! Haha. I might have done longer, but we can't do something about it. There it is. My name is printed on the sheet, (I think I'm number five), and left.

I came back before night strikes, and last number is still five.

4. Repairs. Well, this might be a skill, but I consider it a talent. I always have the hands for repairs. Be it a broken cellphone software, a watch or broken wiring. You hand me a phone, I can know more about the phone in just an hour, compared to the user using it for a month, and I can repair their phones' problems too. Just this morning, as I entered my workplace, this colleague is pacing in different directions, complaining of her watch which is very loose for her wrist. Well, with some tweaks, I fixed her problem. One day, I saw a phone charger stored in our storeroom, which my sister tried to fix before. Just had a couple of scissors, some tape, and ta-da! a new functioning charger. Malfunctioning computers, gadgets, even cabinets and stuff, I repair. I can work part-time in Mr. Quickie (repairs shop for almost everything), I guess. Hehe.

5. Once upon a time, my friends and I planned to go to the mall, and we have agreed to eat first before doing anything else. As these people are rice-loving ones, we decided to eat at Mang Inasal (a restaurant in the Philippines, which offers unlimited rice). (Fast forward.. >>) My friends dared me that if I am able to eat 10 cups of half-cooked, watery rice, they would treat me for a movie.

The movie was great.

6. Picking-up. Hangul (or the Korean alphabet) is the most scientific letter system, as many people say. They say that you need to study a lot of processes to know who to write in Hangul.

I have taught Korean students before, and I taught them English. Working with them is very nice, as they are very friendly, and very honest. (We'll talk about them next time!) As we are ending the camp, one of my student provided me a list of letters from the Hangul, and told me to study them, and asked me to show my Hangul writing skills to them as they go to the Philippines again. The night after he gave me the list, I studied it for an hour. Began writing after. My student/s were really shocked the day after, as I have written their names in Hangul already.

A talent, eh? Haha. I'll teach you how to write later on.

And now, I think that I am learning the language quite well. :)

7. Green Hand. I always knew that I have a green hand. Not the physical color, but the ability to. My childhood dream is to become a botanist. I always loved working with plants. Be it a bush, a tree, or a plant, I work with my hands. However, there is one bonsai that I will never forget. There is a withered bonsai in our house before, and I think that it had dried to its death. However, I tried to plant the thing in a pot, and cared for it for some days. The moment I was losing hope, the day after, I saw a small leaf sprouting out of one of the branches. I saved a life. I hope to do it in my present, and future profession.

Well, there goes some of my hidden talents. They may be unusual, but I wish to enrich and develop these talents. They might be handy someday! Some of you might share some of these talents with me. You might have some of yours hidden too, and it's time to show them all, right here! If you do, can you share them with us, down below?

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