[UPDATED] Get Your Old Facebook Chat and Old Facebook Profile! (Updated)

The only permanent thing in this world is change.

- Heraclitus
Well, we are well aware that Facebook has recently implemented changes. Others may like them, while others may hate them, to the point that they leave the social networking site. Facebook Timeline, the New Facebook Chat, Video Call (through Skype), and many more, which includes selling Facebook stocks to the public, are the newest changes that the site implemented. Well, video call may be one good addition to the most famous social networking site nowadays, but almost everyone hates Facebook Timeline and Facebook Chat.

What if you want to go back and remove those annoying changes? I just found the solution. However, the claims that other apps do, such as 100% reverting you to the old profile layout, is not true, nor Facebook allows it. But, you can have something to do the tricks, to let you still view them the way we wanted it to be.

So here is our savior, Social Reviver 3.11. As the name tells us, it revives the old social networking site that we have known for years. It gets rid of the new Facebook Chat and Facebook Timeline, and gives you additional features. As their tagline says, "The Way You Want Facebook to Be!", it does give you the chance to "own" your Facebook profile, and style it in whatever style you want!

It does not only allow you to view Facebook profiles using the old layout, but it is also packed with several features, which include: 

  • reverting back of the new Chat sidebar to the old chat bar; 

  • allowing you to group your contacts so you can appear online to those you want to see you online;

  • a feature that allows you to prevent your friends know that you have read their messages in chat (an experimental feature);

  • reverting the top blue bar to the old one;

  • adding a shadow under the blue bar (stylish!);

  • hiding the sidebar in games;

  • and more very nice features, just in one installation!

Click here to install SocialReviver 3.11 for:

Just click the links and install it to your browser, and after a few minutes, ta-da! You same-old Facebook. No hacking needed, no complicated instructions. This installation does not rob your personal data as other fake ones do! Just install.

Problems with installation of SocialReviver 3.11? Comment below or visit their website.

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Good luck! Own your Facebook account, using Social Reviver!


  1. I like FB timeline...kasi may cover photo.. haha. I rarely use chat, so, not a big deal for me. =p Baka naman nakakaview ng personal info ang plug in na yan?

  2. It does not. :) Personally proven. :D


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