My Ambrosia~

ambrosia (n.)
- in Greek and Roman mythology, the food or drink of the gods.

Come near me, polvoron!~
Well, just recently, I discovered what I would call my own "ambrosia". It is a polvoron from Goldilocks, the plain one. I don't know, I just found a piece from my sister's sweets stash, tried it, and really fell in love with its sweet, creamy flavor. It not just tingles your tastebuds when you eat it, but it also triggers your salivary glands to produce a really drooly mouth.

Anyway, polvoron is a delicacy famous here in the Philippines. It's made from flour and several ingredients, which includes butter, milk, sugar, and others.

These are only sold for PhP 10.00 each piece, and it comes into a 20-piece bundle, which costs approximately PhP 190.00. I consider this a very cheap price, as you really get what you spend. Simply milky goodness.

Well, I tried to go to a Goldilocks branch near our place, and searched for some yummy polvoron. The saleslady noticed me wearing PhilHealth uniform, and greeted me, "Good afternoon, Mr. PhilHealth!", and it made me smile. She asked me first..

Yes, it's this one.

"How can I apply for PhilHealth membership? What are the requirements? How much is the payment for every month?"

Well, as I am working with PhilHealth, I generously answered her questions. While I searched for what I'm looking, the nice lady waited for every response I will give.

And, after seeing the bunch of polvoron I'm looking for, I told her to give me one. 

I'm shocked with what she said.

"Well, sir, because you informed me of such, I will give you a discount."

I said, "Wow, really?"

As she punched the price, I was surprised, as she really gave me a discount! How generous of her.

This event definitely made my day. Not only because I had a grab of my ambrosia, but also because of the generosity of this lady. Day complete!

So, how can you apply for a PhilHealth membership? I'll instruct you soon.

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