To Taste is to Believe?

I am a very big fan of "free taste" promos. Whenever I stroll around some malls, I usually try and taste new products that may or may not tingle my tastebuds. Not only malls, but also in markets, buses (yeah, we got free taste in buses!), in school, and everywhere else. Be it noodles, coffee, milk, cakes, breat, I will not refuse. Well, if the taste satisfies me, then I will buy that item. But if not, then, I will just smile to the promoter, and leave the booth.

I think that it's not just me who have tried tasting these things. Almost all of us had and will.

Imagine this scenario. We are all in a supermarket, all doing our personal shopping. What if, a promoter approached you, and offered you a product called "Philippines", and you're given the chance to have a "free taste" of our that, would you dare taste it? The bigger question is, will you buy it or refuse to?

The product packaging and advertisements.
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Based on my product research, the product "Philippines" has a lot to offer. It may taste sweet, bitter, sour, salty, or any other flavors, but it definitely depends on the person tasting it. Amazing, right? This product, I think, is internationally offered, even in the ancient times, but is still offered until now. Several countries have had a taste of the product, some liked the taste, to the point that they repeated tasting the product, but in the end, they did not buy it. Some did buy the product, but just thrown it to the garbage. Some bought the product, and some, refused from the start. Granted that it is offered to you, what will you do?

Well, let's try its quality first. As per product, the outcome still depends on its workers. The one who produced the item itself. It definitely depends on those people if the product will become world-class, ordinary, or a waste. The workers must have discipline, dedication, and loyalty for them to produce a very good product, and I think that you, the person who reads it, might probably be one of these workers.

Well, in the supermarket, there are several brands. "United States", "Australia", and "London" are some examples. Several shoppers had tasted these products, and immediately bought it. I haven't had a taste of them yet, so I cannot do a review for them, but others say that they felt like heaven while eating them, some say that these products have uplifted their spirits. I did experience that while tasting "Philippines."

Now, as workers producing the product called "Philippines", I am now giving you a chance. We need to give those shoppers a taste of our sceneries, a taste of good people, and a taste of the joys of eating and buying the product called "Philippines." And oh, before we give it to other shoppers, I think that it is a must to have a taste our own product first, right?

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