Me and My Commitment

"To see it so believe."

The one above is a very famous cliche that most of us might've heard. We always hear this when they do magic, when we have study science, and most specially, when we talk about religion. To see is to believe.

Scientists have long debated the existence of one "Supreme Being". Some proves the existence wrong by experimentation, through theories, and by merely looking for flaws in the Bible just to prove that the "Supreme Being" is just a fictitious character. He is not real, these people say.

I was born a Christian, moreover, a Catholic, and I was raised in a family that firmly believed in God, and our family sent us all to Christian schools, from pre-school to college. We learned prayers from our family, and also from the school. We don't usually miss Sunday mass even though we're sometimes late, and these teachings contributed much to our spiritual connection with God.

Growing up in a very diverse world, I have met several types of people. Atheists, Muslims, others who have long debated about God's existence, faith-destroyers, devout Christians, and many more. All these people have different views about God and divine beings.

I am a Catholic. However, I was almost swayed by the fact that there is no God, and being a very weak human being, I tend to have believed those who are trying to destroy my faith.

What exactly affected my faith is even my religion. Unexplained collections, devotion to images, and everything. Issues about being in a relationship when priesthood entails celibacy. Gossips that church people, especially women, spread over the whole community. Anomalies when it comes to expenses of the church. To think that these things have somewhat shook my belief in God proves that I am really a weak person.

But what strengthened my faith are the challenges and struggles that I have encountered in my life, with divine intervention saving me from total destruction.

I was diagnosed with typhoid fever when I was in first year of college. I was infected when it was nearing Christmas break. From have been passed from one doctor to another doctor, with different specialties, for one isn't able to diagnose what I have. It was until one doctor ordered a test that determined what caused my disease. However, even being in a private hospital, using branded medicines, even strong ones didn't heal me. Losing hope, my doctor told us that this is one kind of advanced infection, and will send me to San Lazaro Hospital (a hospital that specializes in communicable diseases, but is in the metro) if I was not healed within a week.

A miracle happened. Two days before the designated time of transfer, I was completely fine. Laboratory tests, little-by-little, became fine and I am discharged afterwards. This may be because of the medicines, being late in taking effect, but this may also be because of God's healing hands.

“17 And these signs will follow those who believe:… 
18 …they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”
Mark 16:17-18

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Aside from this, I have had experienced a lot of different miracles. There are times where I thought I should be dead already because of unforeseen events and accidents. There are also times when I cried for everyone for help, but only God has helped me and calmed the storm in me. And because of these, my faith becomes strengthened.

Some may be offended and think that all of these beliefs are full of crap. I don't force you to join me and believe, but I hope you also respect mine.

I may have doubts and the tendency to be swayed away from my faith, but I think that all of these will pass. I am a weak person, I admit. However, I have already found my commitment, and this will be being with God always. I plan to trust Him like my own parent. And in the future, this commitment will also be of my family's.

Have you found yours?

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