Taking Chances.. Second Chances..

"Do you believe in second chances?"

I believed...not.
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This is a line which I hear in some points of my life. It maybe from a movie, a song lyric, as well as in my personal life. It's a question which I answered easily, no. I used to believe that life only gives you one chance, and you need to grab it as soon as it's there. Failing is not an option. And I had this notion of second chances throughout my life. 

I was wrong.

However, as I ponder on my life little-by-little, I noticed that my life is full of second chances. Things that I don't even bother to realize. Being a weak, fragile person thrown to this world, I also had some downfalls, which I overcame, and was given second chances.

One event in my life that a chance is given is when I was in my second year in high school. Well, I am on the top list when I was in first year, therefore, landing in the first section again in the second year. However, it is when my computer addiction has set in. I didn't eat snacks, I used my money in the computer shop instead. I went home late, telling my parents that I did some "school work", but actually, I just played. I didn't study my lessons. I see my grades and standing crumbling down, but I didn't even care. It's my life.

And then the thing happened. A thing that I didn't want, and didn't expect. My ranking really went down, and at the end of the school year, I knew that I might land in the second section the next year. I did. My parents lost interest on my studies, almost hating me for what happened. But I did not give up. I did my best to bring myself back. It was unfortunate that I did not fall on the top list, but still, I was reassured that I'll be going back to the first section. And then, things have changed. I brought back my old self, and graduated with flying colors in my senior year.

Not only academically, but also, I had second chances in my life.

Actually, I consider this as my second life. Before Christmas of 2007, I suddenly fell ill. I felt what I didn't experience before. I had chills, even though it's hot. I got high fever which does not even go down. I had body weakness.

My mother, alerted with my condition, had me checked-up to a doctor, which ordered several diagnostic procedures. Unable to diagnose correctly, I was referred to another. Diagnostic procedures again, then referred again. I was given several medicines for different parts of the body. No doctor can diagnose me correctly.

One night, my symptoms got worse. My mom then decided to have me confined to a nearby hospital, had me checked under a family doctor, in which we are uncertain if he knows how to diagnose my disease. He did a series of labs, and presto! He discovered that I have typhoid fever. It's deadly, if not treated properly. However, it does not end there.

Two to three weeks have passed, and I am not getting better. Even with strong medications (chloramphenicol, which can depress the bone marrow), I am not doing that well. The doctor said that if I don't get well after three days, I will be sent to San Lazaro Hospital, which is a specialist hospital for communicable diseases. However, (maybe) due to divine intervention, I got really better after two days. Just a little bit before the deadline. Second chance, it is.

Our lives are full of second chances. From conception to death, from womb to tomb, as they call it, life has given us several chances to set everything right. We may not be aware of these chances, but no matter how small these chances are, they are still chances. They're not called "second chances" for no reason.

Let's be updated about Bebengism's claiming of her "second chance". Her journeys as a mom can be found here, as well as a giveaway for us to join.

Of course, everyone of us do.
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  1. I guess that is how life is. Imperfect. lol.

    1. Well, life is imperfect, that's a given. How we make it close to perfect is what really matters, especially on how we stand up after stumbling down.

  2. agree ako, we all can have second chances. But not in everything din. So we better appreciate the things we have now. And if we lost them, and given a second chance, we need to treasure it more.

    Nice post. :)

    1. Yeah. Napag-isip isip ko din. May mga bagay na wala nang second chances, like life, living itself. Thanks for reading!

  3. Nagka-typhoid fever din ako nung 10 years old ako. Mahigit 1 week din ako sa hospital...

    I do believe in second chances. Dami ko bagsak na subjects nung college pero naipasa ko nung tinake 2 ko na. Oha. Nice post! ;)

  4. always have faith :-)

    just me,

  5. lahat tayo pwedeng mabigyan ng second chance... kailangan lang nang matinding faith... at lakas ng loob...

    dapat i-appreciate na rin ung mga bagay na meron tayo ngayon... lalo na kung second chance na ito...

    Nice post


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