Got New Shoes?

People nowadays are in the hype of buying their own shoes. These shoes may be of different styles or different sizes, but not only that, they also serve different purposes, be it for fashion, for work, or for school. We really tend to be dependent with our shoes, for they do not only provide us comfort, but they also give us protection from outside forces. Shoes are really that convenient.

However, after using those shoes, taking them out of their box, and enjoying them, what would you do with the box? Some throw these boxes away, having no use with them, while some put anything for storage purposes. Some even use these boxes as toys. There are a lot of possible use with these boxes, eh? However, aside from them being destroyed or being stored, what about mobilizing these boxes for something good - cool, right?

After taking your shoes out,
 where does this thing usually go?
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Here comes Project Shoebox. This project, spearheaded by the 4th Light Armor Batallion (led by LTC Thomas R. Sedano, Jr., in partnership with the Sigma Alpha Sorority of UP Los Baños, is aimed to provide underprivileged children school supplies, as well as materials to promote personal hygiene. These things may seem to be a lot, and may not fit in a shoe box, but they will! And knowing how durable these boxes are done for our shoes to be safe and sound, the items we will donate will also arrive to these children safe and intact.

So, what might fit in a shoe box? These boxes will contain:

A. School Materials

     1. Notebooks, 4
     2. Pad Papers, 2
     3. Pencils, 2
     4. Eraser, 1
     5. A box of crayons, 1
     6. Sharpener, 1
     7. Paste, 1

B. Personal Hygiene Items

     1. Toothbrush, 1
     2. Toothpaste, 1
     3. Soap, 1
     4. Face Towel, 1
     5. Comb, 1

The donors can also put the following:

     * Slippers
     * Rain Coat
     * Umbrella
     * Water tumblers
     * and whatever you want to give!

These items, when combined, can amount from approximately 150 - 200 Philippine pesos. Not that large amount, right? The organization encourages not only individuals, but also groups, civic organizations, NGOs, and companies to donate. Gift giving has never been this fun, right?

If you have decided to donate, please refer to the following image/s:

The organization also accepts cash donations! You can donate some here:

For more information, feedback, or suggestions, you may contact the Masigasig Project Shoebox through their Facebook page here.

Are you sharing your blessings? The donors are encouraged to provide their full name and mailing address on the package, for the child to have the chance to send a letter back and communicate.. You may also write your message to the child who will receive the package! Nothing beats receiving a letter from your beneficiary!

It's Christmas time, and it's time to give back. Sharing is caring, right? Let's always remember:

Throwing your shoebox gives 
TEMPORARY additional space in your home.

Using your shoebox for storage gives
TEMPORARY safeguarding of your things.

Using your shoebox as a toy gives
TEMPORARY joy to the one playing.

But giving your shoebox to a kid may
PERMANENTLY change his/her life forever.

Photo Credit: Masigasig Project Shoebox
Let's give and love! Merry Christmas!

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  1. maganda tong project na ito. simple lang pero malaki ang magagawa lalo kung marami ang lalahok.

    sa isang banda naman, sa bahay, yung mga box ng sapatos e ginagawa uling lagayan ng sapatos pag di ginagamit. hehehehe. para daw di maluma. :P

    pero ako hindi naman, yung wife ko lang ang ganon. iba kasi talaga ang girls pagdating sa shoes.


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