1..2..3.. Smile!

As I was going home from work, (you know, riding a bus(es) everyday), I was seated next to a family, consisting of the parents and two kids, one a toddler, and one, an infant.

As we go along the expressway, I noticed that the kid is looking at me attentively. Maybe not even removing his stare at me. And me, feeling somewhat awkward to that situation, looked directly on the child's eyes (not the bully big-eyed type of stare), and after about a minute of that stare, it was really awkward I tried to smile. To my surprise, the child smiled back.

She's really cute I'm gonna die!
Photo Credit: Universal Studios, and here.

The other bus personnel (not the driver) stood up and switched on the Christmas lights that are present inside the bus, and then, sat down. While yours truly is also amazed how a bus has its own decorations inside, I saw in my peripheral sight that kid, smiling back at me, and pointing at the lights, as if he is telling me that there are Christmas lights, and shows me how beautiful they are.

Throughout the trip, the kid communicated at me as if he wants to talk and tell me everything he thinks of, and how amazing life in that bus is. With no reservations or whatsoever, he looks at the lights, the television, the surroundings, and then point and show them to me, and then, smile again. After that short interaction, I just arrived at a conclusion - I gained a new friend.

Smiling is not a very big unfamiliarity to me, as well as it's not a rarity to see in my face. I always smile. When I see people whom I know, I smile. Whenever strangers try to interact (or even make me relate in their situation), I smile. Whenever I work, I smile. When someone takes a picture with me, I smile. And whenever I see kids, I smile.

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It is another thing that is free, and as we all know and heard, "the best things in life are free." I also agree that smiling really can make someone else's day. It does not hurt to smile, it takes a very few muscles to work as compared to frowning. It makes someone's mood even lighter, and your face, more pleasant to see. Moreover, it's contagious. And now, in my situation, a smile earned me a friend.

A smile, even though it's forced, can really make someone's day.
Photo Credit: Universal Studios, and here.

The trip has already ended. The kid, possibly because of travel exhaustion, is already asleep. I smiled to his parents instead, saying non-verbally that I had fun with their kid, and they also smiled back. Poof! Additional two friends.

Let's smile. Let's make it a habit that we offer this precious thing to everyone. Let's make more friends. Share thoughts even though you don't use words. Make someone happy. Complete someone's day.

If everyone started to smile, I think that the world will become a better place.

Come on, smile! Even the villain does!
Photo Credit: Universal Studios, and here.

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  1. i agree. it's a universal language regardless of race, sex, etc...


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