Rizal's Secrets (Part 1)

Rizal’s Hidden Life

Rizal is a very part of our everyday lives that every other Filipinos have taken him for granted. In our days, he is just remembered during June 19 and December 30 – days in which students have day-offs from school. He is so concealed these days that even young children sometimes put misinterpretations on him. There are endless rumours that circulate around our national hero. He is so famous that everything was associated to him; we had Rizal Cement, and other products and some rumours. Most famous is that Rizal is the father of Adolf Hitler, he never spoke his mother tongue, and that he never wore Barong Tagalog. Many claim the walls where Rizal “really” took his pee, as well as those who say that they are once Rizal’s girlfriend. Together, let’s remove his overcoat little by little and uncover his untold secrets. Let us unfold Rizal’s unknown life – the life that is covered by the thick dusts thrown on our national hero.

If a kid was brought to Rizal Park and saw the “National Hero’s” monument, he might wonder why in the midst of the extreme heat in the Philippines, he still stood there with his overcoat all over him. Would Rizal hide something important that he keeps on wearing his overcoat in our hot weather today?” That is what I will try to make you understand.

NOTE: This is a research paper that I made before, in my Rizal class. Being an inquisitive person, I chose to dig deeper to what our national hero's most hidden secrets. This article is not intended to degrade Rizal; instead, it is intended for people to know our national hero more – not the usual biography that books offer. Quite lengthy, I guess, but I made it as informative as I can. Moreover, sources for some ideas present in this article are posted in a link below.

Issue #1: Was Rizal was the Biological Father of Adolf Hitler?

Internet forums entitled “Rizal’s Secrets” will not fail to contain this question: “Was Rizal really a father to Adolf Hitler? Some “geniuses” might say that he really is the dictator’s father.  These people even established some techniques in order to compare the two. One is using the resemblance between the two. They said that by removing Hitler’s moustache; he becomes a perfect replica of Jose Rizal. Yes, they may have some similarities, but can appearance be a concrete proof of Hitler being a Rizal?

According to Maximo Viola, Rizal’s travel companion, Rizal visited Austria in May 1887. He stumbled upon a Viennese prostitute who stayed one night with Jose. Viola told that they were staying in the Hotel Metropole, Vienna and Rizal:

"…encountered the figure of a temptress in the form of Viennese woman, of the family of the Camelliasor Margarite of extraordinary beauty and irresistible attraction, who seemingly had been expressly invited to offer for a moment the cup of mundane pleasure to the apostle of the Philippine freedom who until the.. ..had enjoyed among his intimates the fame worthy of his glorious namesake, St. Joseph. With the exception of this case I knew of no other slip of Rizal during more than six months of our living together."

There were some documentaries that might have proven the paternity issues on the two. One had shown the bunker which may be inhabited by Adolf Hitler during the World War II, and this, fortunately, shown portraits of “Rizal” hanging all over the place. Rizal did travel extensively in Germany and even has a street and a statue in his memory in Wilhelmsfeld. This may solve the problem. Rizal may be so famous at that time that even bunkers and streets had pictures of him.

Jose Rizal having intercourse with a Viennese woman may be 100 percent possible, and if destiny dictates, the woman may also be Hitler’s mother, Klara Polzl, which is reported to be working as a maid in Vienna at that time.

By digging in to Adolf Hitler’s biography, it is shown that he is born on April 20, 1889. Rizal made a trip to Vienna on May 1887. Putting all the facts together, it may be concluded that Adolf Hitler was conceived somewhat on July 1888. Remember that Rizal met the maid sometime on May 1887. If Rizal was really his father, his mother, Klara, carried him in her womb for almost 24 months, which is too far to be possible! I therefore conclude that this spreading rumour about our national hero is untrue.

Issue #2: Was Rizal Psychic?

When we hear “Madame Auring” in the news, most people may react harshly and say that this woman is getting insane and what psychics say are just mere guesses. If I say that our idolized Jose Rizal is a past “Madame Auring”, will these people believe?

There are sufficient evidences that may prove that Rizal may be really psychic. Many of these are pertaining to his family, or even worse, his death.

Rizal’s diary records say that this dream he had on December 30, 1883 described the feeling of a dying man – this, exactly 13 years before his execution:

January 1, 1884
“Night. Mournful am I. I do not know what vague melancholy, what indefinable loneliness stifles the soul, similar to the profound sadness of cities after a tumultuous rejoicing, to a city after an exceedingly happy union. [Two nights ago, that is, December 30], I had a frightful nightmare when I almost died. I dreamed that imitating an actor in a scene in which he dies, I felt vividly that my breath was failing and I was rapidly losing strength. Then my vision became dim and dense darkness like that of nothingness overpowered me; the anguish of death, I wanted to shout and ask for help from Antonio Paterno, feeling that I was about to die. I awoke weak and breathless.”

In this letter to Marcelo H. del Pilar from Brussels, Belgium dated June 11, 1890, Rizal writes about his projects, his hurry to finish the sequel to the Noli Me Tangere, and his use of the alias Laong Laan. He writes:

“…I am sad and in the midst of mournful presentiments but I don’t believe all of them. When I was a boy I believed that I would not reach the age of 30, and I don’t know why I used to think that way. Night after night, for the last two months, I have had dreams of friends and relatives who are now dead… Even if I don’t believe in these things and though my body is strong and I have no fear or sickness of any kind, nevertheless, I prepare myself for death, arranging things I will leave behind and disposing myself for any eventuality. Laong Laan (translated, EVER PREPARED) is my real name.”

We all know that Rizal had died on his 35th year. But basing it from his statement, his prediction is never that far. We may have doubts about his ESP, but still, it does not count. This prediction showed vividly his braveness and courage. He maybe had miscalculated, but even though he had known that he might be executed on 1892, he still decided to return home against all odds.

Another story that popped out deals with a time when Rizal’s sisters found him in his bahay kubo behind the Calamba house, molding a clay statue of Napoleon (who was small and short like him). When teased about it, he said proudly “All right, guys, say what you want today because in the future, people will make monumentos for me!” Rizal had the last laugh, for if his sisters had seen these almost-every-school monuments, they may faint in wonder.

If Rizal has been living this time, and he is seen in televisions as a psychic, perhaps he would make good money as a fortune teller.

Issue #3: Is Rizal a “Super Mind”?

Our national hero was known to be intelligent, as evidenced by using pen in fighting the Spaniards instead of using the usual blades, being a polyglot, and writing novels that only some are able to do. He was given a sobresaliente (excellent) award when he graduated, but, unfortunately, going over the records of Ateneo de Manila, out of 12 students of their class, nine have graduated sobresaliente!

We may be in delusion when we had the erroneous use of the title “Dr.” before his name. For some reason – perhaps because of lack of time, money, or interest – Rizal was unable to take the examination that would have qualified him for a doctorate. He had Licentiate in Medicine, and being a medical doctor, he was allowed to practice in the profession, but cannot carry the titles.

It may be a fault to call him a "super mind." Schoolmates in Biñan, the Ateneo, and University ofSanto Tomas say there were boys with even more brilliant minds than Jose had, but there was one difference -- he worked better than anybody else. He identified why he was studying, and put his whole heart and soul into every subject. That counts more than natural intelligence. He was agitated. A shakeup that may be caused by the two-year-and-a-half imprisonment of his mother. The different injustices and hurt he had experienced, his pain because of Lieutenant Porta, the death of the GomBurZa – these might have ignited and fanned Rizal’s burning purpose – to show them (Spaniards) that we are not their inferior race. As we can see, there are quite a number of things learned outside the school that may surpass what we have learned in the four corners of the classrooms.

So this post is getting lengthy, and we have acquired some more knowledge about our famous National Hero. To know more about what we may possibly not know about him, go visit the continuation of this article here.
This is my work, and work means property. Please do not claim this article or yours or whatsoever.. I do not claim those others' works cited, however, I've acknowledged them all. So, go on and read! I personally commend Mr. Ambeth R. Ocampo for giving us a lot of information that may concern our national hero! Maraming salamat po, sir!


  1. Nice post about Rizal, ang idol ng marami sa atin pero tama ka, na hindi naman talaga kilala ng marami. hanggang pangalan lang. :)

    Regarding lang sa mga nailista, bigay lang ako onting points about dun sa 2. Nabasa ko lang din ito sa ibang mga Rizal experts like Prof. Ambeth Ocampo.

    Yung di niya pagligo nung nasa ibang bansa siya, mahal kasi yung kwarto na may bath and hindi naman talaga ganon kayaman ang pamilya nila di tulad ng pagkakakilala ng marami sa kanya. Matipid siya kasi sakto lang ang allowance niya. At minsan nga di na rin siya kumakain talaga ng ilang meals para lang pagkasyahin. Kaya di naman talaga siya "hindi hygienic". Saka malamig naman doon.hehehe.

    And yung tungkol sa "ang di marunong magmahal sa sariling wika" na linya, ang sabi kasi ay di pa rin napapatunayan kung sa kanya ba talaga nanggaling ang katagang ito dahil yung tulang pinanggalingan nito na "Sa Aking mga Kabata" ay hindi pa rin naman talaga napatunayang kanya. Hindi kasi ganon kafluent talaga si Doc Pepe sa Filipino, lalo na nung bata pa siya. :)

    1. Hehe. Oo nga idol, posible ngang hindi naman talaga sila ganun kayaman katulad ng pagkakaalam natin sa kanya. Hindi din naman ako maliligo kung ganon kamahal. Hehe. O, hindi lang tayo sanay sa hindi pagligo dahil mainit satin? Hehe

      At yung second, it's a good idea. May mystery pa din pala tungkol sa "Sa Aking Mga Kabata". Mai-research nga. Hehe

      Salamat sa pagbasa idol! :D

  2. about his coat: halos lahat kasi ng pictures niya is showing him a coat kaya yun lang ang naging modelo ng kanyang monument.

    pero alam mo bang may monumento siyang nakasuot siya ng barong tagalog? nag-iisa lang yan at yan ay sa munoz, nueva ecija.

    nice post about our hero. :)

    1. Kewl, I want to visit that monument. Someday. Hehe. It's a rare thing.

  3. nice post! yung si Rizal na tatay ni Hitler kuno, nabasa ko na din yan somewhere. urban legend. pero malay natin. hehe. ;)

    1. Hehe. Malay natin! Hindi din naman malayo, sa dami ng mga naging gelpren ng bayani natin. Hehe

  4. I really like it whenever people come together and share ideas.
    Great blog, continue the good work!


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