Dream High!

We have our own dreams. We may say that we don't have it, but there are things that we want to achieve and we will do everything to make them come true. Yes, dreams really do come true, whether they are small, or something big. But they don't it by themselves. The person must do something to achieve his goal, right?

Whatever these dreams and aspirations are, they must give us a sense of purpose in life. You may dream of being a doctor, a nurse, or a scientist, but some do even have their really wonderful dreams, like dreaming of living in Mars, dreaming of becoming an actor or actress, or some being job-hoppers. No matter how awkward or really inspiring our dreams are, as long as they make us inspired, then, they are already considered good things. And, if the person having the dream puts his effort in it, they will surely be fulfilled.

I, myself have my own dreams. Some already fulfilled, while some are already on processing. Some dreams might arrive later on. While I'm making them come true, let me share some of these things to all of you:

1. I want to be a physician. Yes. It might be mainstream nowadays (with children graduating from kindergarten, those joining contests in TV shows, and almost everyone dreaming of becoming one), but I really wanted to become a physician. From grade school, to high school, up until college, being a doctor has never left my list. I may have been swayed away from it before, not wanting to pursue it, but there are still times where I see myself in that white smock gown, with a stethoscope around my neck, doing rounds, and helping people heal themselves. Moreover, being a physician does not only entail a sense of security when it comes to money, but it also provides a sense of satisfaction. I want to be a physician with very good penmanship. And guess what? I sometimes practice writing doctor's orders in a piece of paper! :D In connection with number 2, I also want to be the first multilingual Filipino physician! (except from Jose Rizal, of course) :D

2. I want to go to other countries. I want to go abroad to travel. What tops my list is South Korea, Egypt, and Venice. I want to explore South Korea more, apply what I've studied so far (yes, I studied Hangul, Korean language, and culture, witness them here), and eat the food that I badly want to eat. Moreover, I want to see snow! Woohoo! Moreover, I also want to wear the Hanbok, Korea's traditional clothing.

Next, is I want to enter a pyramid in Egypt. Might be scary to do, but I really want to explore these wonders, on how the people here managed to build these gigantic structures. Third, is Venice, actually with a friend, and ride the gondola, and enjoy the really good atmosphere in this place.

3. I want to sing a song in front of several people. Yes, this dream may be somewhat hard to get, but I want to sing (concert style), and sing whatever song I want to sing, possibly We Are Young by fun. :D I think I would first establish a band. Hehe. Dreams.

4. I want to become the president of the Philippines. Another impossible dream. I want to become the first physician who is the president of the Philippines. I want the hardships in healthcare heard throughout the country, and seeing how it is not that prioritized nowadays (hospitals with not enough supplies, even beds, increasing medical costs, drugs with uncontrollable prices), I think that if I had the chance to be the president, I can somewhat relieve what burdens the Filipinos nowadays. Moreover, I want to impose some laws which I think can make the country better. Hehe

5. I want to invent the cure for cancer, atherosclerosis, and autoimmune disorders. These diseases may be impossible to cure, but I still want to give it a try. Who knows? I might just cure these really annoying diseases!

6. I want to be a famous golf or tennis player. Way back in 2nd grade, I was the representative of our school to play in a mini-golf challenge. Actually, I tried out for the sport accidentally, however, fortunately, I was chosen, with the trainer saying that I have the potential to play golf. Now that I am an adult, I want to play golf not only as a sport for fun, but also for competing with others. While I have this dream of playing golf, playing tennis also has attracted me. Imagine the fun of running, hitting the ball, and swinging the racquet with great force! Though still in progress, I want to be a professional in both sports. :D

7. I want to have psychic powers. I sometimes think I have psychic powers. I think all of us do. However, I want to have mine strengthened a little to be able to do telekinesis, to do teleportation, or even control elements. Resident Evil-ish, eh? Hehe. This might be a product of a very wishful thinking, but there may be possibilities when you dream, right? :D

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8. I want to learn how to play the piano, or the violin. I want to at least learn one musical instrument that I can use in my everyday life. I wanted to learn to play the piano or the keyboard since I was a child, however, due to hectic school schedule and we're not that rich to afford tutoring, I was not able to. However, I still want to learn, and I hope that it's still not too late. I want to play the Canon in C by Pachelbel really bad! I also wanted to play the violin, since I heard JunCurryAhN play one. It's nice to hear the violin, as it has a very smooth sound that I enjoy.

There you go. My almost impossible dreams. However, let's always hold onto  what a song says, "there can be miracles, when you believe." We might be discouraged by our dreams sometimes, as they may seem impossible, but let's always remember to believe in ourselves, believe that we can achieve it, and we might just get it. Dream high!


  1. wow, on a roll sa posts ah.hehehehe.

    Ayos ito pre, tama yang mga pangarap na yan. wag natin talaga limitahan ang sarili kasi di naman natin alam, baka may mga pagkakataon na magbukas na maabot mo ang pangarap mo di ba. E di grab lang. walang imposible. :D

    At nagtugma pa ito sa next post ko about "pangarap". To be published pa lang.

    1. Hehe. On a roll tayo ngayon dahil matagal-tagal din akong hindi nakakapagpost. Hehe. Sinipag lang sumulat.

      Walang imposible nga sa mundong ito. At sana talaga posible ang magkaroon ng psychic powers. Hehe

      WOw! Another great post yan, aabangan ko yan!


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