Let me get things clear...

I am a Christian, under Roman Catholicism. Let me show you what we do and what I don't.

We believe in God, His son Jesus Christ, our saviour, and the Holy Spirit.

We do not worship wood, nor are we idolaters. We do worship the person being "portrayed" by the statue. We do not worship inanimate objects as portrayed by the event involving the Golden Bull. No.

We do revere Mary, the mother of God. She's not an "ordinary girl" imbued with a micro-sperm. We also revere saints, which are "role models" in our preparations for the kingdom of God.

I personally do not detract other Christian denominations - I do believe in mutual respect. I believe that as one big family, we should never let anyone down. We have the same goal, just different paths.

I am staying here in my religion not because I believe that we are superior, but this religion has provided me with different avenues to worship God.

And I belive that it is Jesus Christ which will judge us when the time comes.

I am a Christian. I am Catholic. We are all children of God, and all of us will be saved.

I am not posting this because I'm angry with what happened. Though I cannot just rest and watch while others detract me, my faith, and my church.

I rest my case.

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