And 2014 is?

Starting 2011, I always branded years as they come, on how they affected me, and how that year marked in my years of existence. For example, 2011 is the year of "achievements", 2012, the year of "transition", 2013, the year of "excellence", and now, I'm still puzzled of what I will call 2014.

Well, what more can I say? 2014 is a year of ups and downs - it's not a fully good one, not a bad one too. It is a year composed of several events and circumstances which have strengthened what I am today and those who shaped the "me" who is entering this incoming year.

There are a lot of things to be thankful for, for example, I was able to strengthen relationships - not only with my family, but also my friends, as well as people around me, like professors, and church people. Another is being able to maintain my scholarship and study another year, and be one step closer to my dream. One more is that I was able to do what I have planned to do for years now - read the whole Bible, and with conviction, I would like to apply what I have read in my life this incoming year. These good events also include my father successfully landing a job abroad, as well as my sister, to support our finances, and my mom being cleared of urolithiasis (a miracle) and being cured of her "trigger finger" for free. I was also able to discover a lot, not only in medicine but also in life, to include people opening up not only themselves, but also their family to me. I was able to be part of another family and feel that I am really a member. And lastly, I am thankful for my life, another life here on earth, with my family, as well as the blessings I have received this year.

Well, there are also problems which made this year which has strengthened me, which I will reserve, for now. I might not enumerate these problems, I am highly sure that they have shaped me for life, made me stronger, and made me look into life in a different perspective - that not everything is perfect, that one has to experience the bad to appreciate the good.

And yes, the new year resolutions should be present. Last year, I promised myself that I would lose weight this year. Not because I am being morbidly obese, but I thought that being slimmer would mean better self-esteem, feeling lighter and better, and what would beat the good health effects you can gain from losing weight, eh? Well, with a little support and push from my school friends, I was able to shed some, and wear clothes that I hoped I was not able to wear again. (But I think that these holidays, I just gained what I lost. Darn.)

Well today, I promise myself that I will lose (again) what I gained. Konting exercise at proper diet pa. And another resolution is, I promise that I will come to school early next year. Pramis yan. Another is, spend less. As I am nearing internship and residency, I think I should save and have money for my own that time.

Thank you Lord for 2014. I will call it, the year of "experiences". I was able to experience things which I was not able to experience before. It is the year that I had my first plane ride. First Visayas experience. First time to sing a song in front of if not a thousand, hundreds of people. My first time to join a school production and win the first prize. First time to finish the Bible... and many more. And I hope that these "firsts" will continue coming.

PS: Special mention to GMA for entertaining the countdown to 2015. Kahit medyo corny at substandard ang mga production numbers. Hehe. Joke. 

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