Is it your first?

Final exams have just ended, and being able to answer the 110th item in that exam means that I am finally free from all the school works, and finally, a vacation after about what, 10 months?

Either I admit it or not, those past ten months, my body has been full of epinephrine, as well as cortisol. Stress hormones. Every day, I have to do something productive, and even though I don't have something to do the next day, my mind would still look for something to do, and even invoke my conscience that I should do something so my workload will somewhat lighten.

Yes, medicine is quite challenging. Before I entered medicine, I thought to myself, this is just an easy course. It's like nursing wherein I will study for an hour or two, sleep, then eat, then prepare for school and still, ace the exams. Have a relaxing day or two, then study just the night before, then take the exams again. But now, everyone has to read a handout twice, or thrice, just to get the answers right. Moreover, some professors would somewhat "add a twist" by getting questions from other books which are not prescribed or somewhat not read.

But still, I'm proud I survived this year, and I'm proud that I entered medicine. Not only because I don't have a stable job (so this is somewhat a form of escape, haha), but also, because this is my childhood dream, and while working as a nurse, I just felt the feeling that I can do something better. I have always thought I can diagnose and treat patients, conduct medical missions and such, and perform surgeries that only a trained physician can do. Right now, I am an MD. "Medyo Duktor".

This is a year of firsts. My first to have this big a peer group, who will support me in everything I do. It is also the first time that I have a symbiotic relationship with a group of people, wherein we carry ourselves, not racing to go to the top spot. I learned to give more than I give myself, I learned how to be patient with people, and I learned how to deal with others more. Someone who can appreciate the talents that I have long hidden.

It's my first to play the piano. Actually, it's my childhood dream to play the instrument. I remember that before, I used to bug my parents about getting a keyboard, but unfortunately, my wish was never granted. It's understandable - who will teach me if ever I got one? And now, this friend (who is really great with the instrument), saw my desire to play the piano, and even though it seems really late to play such, still tried to teach me the basics, the chords, scales, etc. Now, I'm getting the hang of it.

It's my first time to, for three consecutive months, have a somewhat "fitness routine". Jogging, then diet control. If not of these friends who continually encouraged me to run (even though at first, my endurance was really poor), to control what I eat, I think I won't be motivated to have a more active lifestyle, and somewhat lose weight. Guess what? Before this school year ended, I lost some! And this summer, I plan on getting regular runs, and hopefully, next school year, I would show up more fit than before.

It's my first time to drink alcohol that much. Yes.

It's my first time to enjoy schooling and life at the same time. To sum it up, it's stressful, but it's worth it. With the proper people to join me in this journey, I think that having myself in this challenging condition would be a joyride.

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