How to ACE the NMAT (The Not-so-haggard Way) - PART 1

Before we start this blogpost, let's take a quick review of what NMAT is.

NMAT, or the National Medical Admission Test, is an examination administered by the Center for Educational Measurement, Inc. This is an exam that tests your skills and knowledge on different fields, which will become your cornerstones in studying Medicine here in the Philippines. Well, these fields are not that tackled once you enter Med School, but still, they are being incorporated in different fields of medicine that you're (we're) going to study once we enter.

So, what importance does the NMAT hold? Several schools require students to take NMAT before they enter med school. The students are considered for admission using their credentials, and some using their NMAT ranks. Some schools, like UST and UP, prefer students who have percentile ranks of 90 and above to ensure that they have the best of the best. Some require a lower rank, but attaining a high score in NMAT may have you qualify for a scholarship.

There are several versions of tips and tricks about getting a good score in the NMAT, however, as I read them, some do provide tips and tricks that are helpful, but some really might push you to the limits. But due to my determination to have a good score, I followed whatever they have told me. But hey, some really put me under much stress!

So, what do we do now? Are we going to do a strenuous NMAT preparation? I don't think so. This might require lots of preparation, but I will try to consider those (like me) who are cramming for the exams. The not-so-haggard way.

First, know your enemy. You have two enemies here. NMAT, and of course, yourself. You're not enemies with your co-examinees. Well, basically, you're fighting for the top spot, which is 99+ (scores range from 1- to 99+, I think, with 99+ being the highest rank), but the real enemies are the ones mentioned above. You can't review well if you're not prepared, and can't ace the exam without knowing the exam itself.

You're going to take an exam composed of 2 parts, Part I, and Part II (whyyyy?). Part I is the so headache-inducing part, and Part II, the very much headache-inducing part. Why? Part I is composed of four different sub-parts:

a. Verbal - I know, I'm a blogger, I can play with words, but I like this part least of the four, but I don't hate it. I don't know.
b. Inductive Reasoning - This exam can really sip up all your brain juices, but I like it.
c. Quantitative - Who said those who took BS Nursing are weak in Math? I like this one most.
d. Perceptual Acuity - This part may somewhat tire your eyes, but there's always a trick to answer this one!

Part II, the very much headache-inducing part, is called as such because if you're not able to take these subjects in your college days, then you're somewhat doomed (not-so-doomed, I guess, just an exaggeration). In my case, I just took Chemistry during my undergraduate course. And this part is composed of the following:

a. Physics - no comment. Skip. Skip. (Kidding. Physics is the one I hate most, even in my highschool days. But something surprising about Physics in NMAT will be revealed later on.)
b. Chemistry - the one I like in part II. Easiest, maybe?
c. Biology - I always knew that I have a Biology side in me, but NMAT destroyed that "knowing". Haha
d. Social Sciences - Thank God for social sciences. Chop-chop information back in Nursing days helped me much in taking the social sciences!

As we have a background on what to take in NMAT, we're now ready to move forward. Click here to go to the next part of this self-help NMAT tips and tricks.

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  1. Thanks for giving an advice about NMAT. I really appreciate this because this will be useful to my nephew who plans to study medicine.


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