Next year, is the year of the ALTAR!

The incoming year is fast approaching - as I am writing this, (it's exactly 10:38 PM GMT +8), it's approximately 1 hour and 22 minutes before we welcome another set of 365 days, another year of joy, blessings, and prosperity. But let me ask you, who is to thank for the past 365 days, and for the incoming 365 days?

As I attend the New Year's mass today in our church, I've experienced one of the most spiritual and most inspiring mass as to date. After finishing the mass, I just felt energized, felt positive, and hopeful for the incoming year. Now, I would just like to share to you one of the most striking statements of our priest, which is about the ALTAR.

This new year, we must always remember the ALTAR. Everytime we receive Jesus' body and blood, we must remember the ALTAR, and as we pray, we must remember the ALTAR. If you're wondering what the ALTAR is, let me break it down for you.

ADORATION. We must adore the Lord, and worship Him, for He is the most generous, loving, and forgiving person we know. He has given us a lot of blessings which we do not even expect and deserve. He is loving because He accepts us even though we have turned away from Him several times. He is forgiving, because that hand is forever extended to us, even though we have sinned. Adoration. Something that is deserving to the Lord, our Creator, and our Savior.

LOVE. Let's express our love to Him. Right now, let's tell Him how much we love Him. For a person who is overly generous and forgiving, He definitely deserves our love and affection. A loving relationship with Him is definitely the best relationship we can enter into, for this is a relationship that is full of love ONLY, and no space for hate. Love that does not expect love in return, for it just depends on us if we decide to give it back. That time is now.

THANKSGIVING. We may not realize it, but we are definitely blessed more than what we expect, and what we deserve. There are a lot of things that we have taken for granted, and there are definitely a lot of things we should thank for. Ultimately, let's thank Him for the gift of life. We are lucky to be waking up everyday, experiencing things that we enjoy, spending time with our family and friends, and more time to prove that we are worthy of our existence. A simple "thank you" is enough. A "thank you" for all those blessings we have and we are currently experiencing, and those blessings that we will definitely experience in the future. A "thank you" for the food in our tables, for our family, friends, and many more, and a "thank you" to Him for giving His only begotten Son, to save us from our own sins.

ASK. For someone who knocks, the door will be opened. Moreover, we are lucky that the person inside that door is infinitely generous. Ask Him everything you want to have, be it physical health, spiritual guidance, material wealth, peace of mind, anything. Ask, and you shall receive. Most of all, claim it. Thank Him already for those things you have asked for, for He will grant them - not instantly, but in ways and in the time we do not expect.

REJOICE. Rejoice because there is a new year coming. Another year of experiences, of happiness, prosperity, peace, enriching problems, of growth, and life. This second, minute, hour, and day is a moment of joy, and that is because the Lord is always with us, and has never left us, even in times of difficulty. Let us rejoice because this will definitely be a blessed year, and because we have overcome a year of problems and difficulties. Rejoice because we get another year wherein we can praise Him for all His goodness. 

That's it, the ALTAR. Adoration, Love, Thanksgiving, Ask, Rejoice. The Lord is definitely worthy of all these - and is more than willing to accept these. Moreover, as the year ends, let's offer Him everything we have - be it our successes, our happiness, our joys, or even our problems and doubts we had the past year, for He will definitely multiply those positives, and reduce those negatives. Now, as 12 o'clock ticks in our watches, let's offer a small prayer, better if we have our families with us, and think of the ALTAR.

For that light will definitely save us in times of darkness.
In addition, let's light a candle in our tables. The first thing that the Lord has made is the light, and that our candle's light is a symbol of being reborn. As the New Year approaches, let's be born again, with all those positivity, and brush away those negativities. Let's let that small light burn in our hearts and minds, to warm those cold times we have in store for next year, and to enlighten our minds when we are covered in darkness.

Again, a prosperous, happy, and peaceful New Year to all of us! It's a New Year, and it's definitely a NEW BEGINNING!
(And let's watch our blood glucose and cholesterol levels after, shall we?)


  1. Happy Happy New Year.... I love this post.... nakaka touch ang mga nasabi mo...

    Un nga lang medyo kulang ako sa prayer ngayon.... Thanks sa pag share nito....

  2. Awww... ang ganda naman ng meaning ng salitang ALTAR ^_^

    Healthy and Happy New Year po!


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