Christmas - It's About Thanking and Giving Back

First of all, guys, I would like to greet you a Merry Christmas, in behalf of my family!

I remember one church homily just on my way to completing the Simbang Gabi, stating that Christmas is a season to thank God for all the blessings that we have received for the year, and also to give back to what He has provided us with. It is indeed true - the Lord, first of all, has given his only begotten Son just to redeem us for our sins, and that, is something that we cannot do - more than that, He also has given several things that we even might not be aware of.
I can say that I have been blessed this year, 2013, in a way much more than I deserve. Some of this blessings, I have prayed for, but most, I didn't. That's how generous our Lord really is, and I'm highly grateful for that. Honestly, this post may not contain everything that He has given me, and I would also like to thank Him for those things that I failed to notice. 

Of all the things that have been given to me, I think that there are five things that stood out - things that I did not expect, and things, though I prayed for, are given in a much bigger scale than what I have asked for. And now, I think, is the right time to thank the Lord for such generosity.

I would like to thank the Lord for...

5. entrance in Med School.

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So let's start with my entrance to med school. I have been dreaming of this for all my life - ever since I was a child, and everything that happened in-between, it seems, is a way of preparing me for the real deal. God made me sign that application paper in college, to take up BS Nursing, to have a good background on what medicine is like. He gave me that longing feeling while working as a nurse, to further strengthen the flame of wanting to be a doctor. He intentionally made me see the wrong side of things in the Medical profession so that I will have the encouragement to step up, and try to be one, in order to correct the system. And finally, He has given me the courage to sign that application form, take the required exams, and land my current scholarship just for me to take up medicine. And yeah, it's perfectly orchestrated, and now, I'm on my way to reach that goal.

Moreover, I would like to thank Him for the people who keep supporting me on my endeavor. Be it financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, these things, which these very good people give me, is a debt that I am definitely giving back, when I become a physician. And I will be a good one. I promise.

4. ...for the gift of friends.

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Don't get me wrong. I'm not an introvert or psychopath or antisocial, or anything, but I now saw what true friends are. Not saying that the others are fake friends, but I think that my bonds with my Medschool friends is something special. I've experienced for the first time having "partners-in-crime", friends who are willing to do something to save me from a violation. (Imagine a friend taking a tissue paper, and then using her lotion to polish my (literally) rubber "leather" shoe [if you know what I mean] for me not to be caught by our college secretary. It's also for the first time I had loyalty at its finest, having friends who will not betray or try to leave me when sh*t happens. It's also the first time wherein someone became proud of what I do, and me the same to them. The moment wherein I became positive towards studying because they are with me. They just make the stressful environment of Medschool lighter and less-stressful.

There may be a lot of ways to describe that special "bond" with them, but I would like to summarize it in a few words - "really glad I delayed entering Medschool, because if I did it earlier, I won't be albe to meet them."

3. ...for the problems that we have, and we are currently facing.

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Life is really like a wheel - sometimes you are up, and sometimes you are down. Well, I might say that our life is somewhere in-between. We are currently experiencing problems in our family that every family might also experience, but this event is something special. It made us closer to each other, more open, one being able to express one's frustrations to another (which did not occur before), and most importantly, these problems brought us closer to God, not turn away from Him. Well, there are times when I ask why this is happening, but there are also times wherein my family will say things that will enlighten me. And this, this phenomenon, is neatly planned, and I know, that someday, there are also good solutions coming our way.

2. ...for my spiritual re-connection with our Creator.

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I've done this before. I've established a good relationship with the Lord. However, I got busy and overwhelmed with everything that I forgot to nurture with what I have started. It's wrong, yeah, and I didn't plan on going back on track sooner, but it might be a blessing, that a friend from number 4, was tasked to re-establish that lost connection. I tell you, he may not be perfect, but this person is good, and it shows. Moreover, he's got the spirituality and faith that I was not able to see in others, including myself. And that spirituality is what put me back on track. I am now starting to read the scriptures again, to discover more. I've been more connected to Him compared to what I had before. And now, I am doing things that I've never done before, like praying before meals. (Yeah, I know.) And that is a good thing to thank for.

1. ...for my life.

I always pray for this. I always thank the Lord for still letting me breathe air, for my heart to continuously pump blood, for my body to stimulate my RAS (Reticular Activating System) to wake me up, experience things, to learn more, to do everything. I may not be here, another sperm fertilizing the egg (yeah, we're getting more scientific here. Hehe), or me not waking up the other day, but yeah, He still wants me to live, because I still have to serve my purpose here. And every day that I spend here on Earth is a debt that should be paid immediately after grant. I promise Him that I would live each day paying for that debt, and I'm making the most out of it, and this life will be spent connecting with Him, fulfilling what I am destined to, and waiting for the second coming.

Yeah, that just became dramatic back there, but really, I am thankful for everything. In addition, me being able to post a blogpost is quite a blessing to. Being able to share what I think to the world just makes me happy, and makes me feel lighter. It may be small, and some may consider it shallow, but the ability to write and share, and know others' thoughts is quite a blessing.

So, what are you thanking for?


It is indeed a season of thanking and giving. :)


  1. Merry Christmas.... and Happy New Year....alam ko magiging okay ang year 2014 para sayo....


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