CEBU, here I come!

It's been a while since I've posted here in my blog, well hello, blogosphere! Yes, I admit, I was too lazy busy to post here in my blog, nowadays, there are a lot to do in school. Anyway, let's reserve that chit-chat for next time.

To make it short and simple, I would like to talk about the research paper we have created a year ago. It came to different places, and it took me to places which I haven't been into. It took me to Baguio, and the research, upon qualifying in a national research competition, will be taking me to Cebu. Yes, tomorrow, I will board the plane (again, another first time) going to Cebu.

Actually, I don't know what to expect. Many say that Cebu is just a regular place to be, especially that I have lived in an urbanized area for a very long time. Most of the people talking about Cebu say that it's just the same as the metro, with lots of trash and pollution. My friends say it's somewhat a lair of prostitution and drugs.

Setting those preconceptions aside, I really should think positively - it's the first time I will to to Visayas, and first time to ride a plane. Some of my friends are even envious of me - saying that they didn't have a chance to ride a plane yet. I can also ride the taxi for the first time. I can go to beaches and other scenery present in the city. Together with my friends and our professor, we should explore the place and make the most out of it.

Let me talk about a very good song I've listened to. I fell in love in this song the first time I've heard it. This song is entitled "Best Day of My Life by American Authors." It gives me a lot of positivity and energy to move on, even though we're swallowed by stress and anxiety. It reminds me that every day that God gives will be the best days of our lives. Here, take a piece of it.

Well, do you have some tips while riding an airplane? Moreover, if you have something to tell about Cebu, and what is to expect, please tell me below. It would be pretty much appreciated.

Thanks! I'll update you about the details!

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  1. aba...ikaw na ang sasakay sa plane. #inggit hahaha

    Ingat Doc JC! :)


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