Is this GEEK talk getting overboard?

It was a plain Friday night when my friends just invited me to crash on a friend's house, buy some snacks, and just talk to each other and update each other on whatever happened to our lives these past few months. 

Yeah, it's the usual meet-up - us munching on food, and others already talking about their cool experiences. One opened up about his new found love, the other, about breakup. Advice has flown from a party to another. One talked about getting a movie, and then sharing it with others, and even planned for a movie marathon. And yeah, yours truly, has thought about how this person will get his movie, and yeah, I talked about torrenting, and explained its concepts, benefits, and risks. Truly something about my life.

"Torrenting is just simple. You take a piece of paper, then transfer it to others piece-by-piece. When your internet connection stops, the "paper distribution" just stops, but when it's on again, you just continue. Unlike regular download, you can resume on your stop point, until you finish. When you finish, you do the paper sharing with others, together with the one who shared it with you."

This is statement I gave to my friends, and they were absolutely stunned - I don't know if I spoke with words they can't digest yet (they're not that tech-savvies), or because I did that "geek talk" again, with no relation whatsoever to what we're talking about. After that long pause, I asked them, "am I that geeky?" Others said "no", but others kept silent.

Then another friend continues the "personal experiences" talk.

I asked myself, am I too geeky? I remember some who told me that I tend to over-expound things, however, they also said that it's better to explain it further than leave it under-explained.

There was one occurrence when a friend asked about what a neurosurgeon (my dream specialization) does. I told him about the usual, performing craniotomy, and other surgeries that involve the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. But I didn't stop there - I talked about craniotomy, how it is done, why it is done, etc. Moreover, I also talked about diseases that may lead to doing craniotomy, using terms that are not that misleading, as much as possible.

I also remember talking about the Stonehenge, and the Great Pyramids of Giza, and their histories, involving the alien-conspiracy theories evolving about these structures, as well as the recent news about these structures while we are talking about a song entitled "Stonehenge".

I don't know. I can't compare myself to the knowledgeable "Kuya Kim Atienza" of the Philippines, but I surely idolize him. I know I tend to over-explain things to people, and talk about additional information wherein they don't even ask for it. Being that way, I think may have its benefits and risks in my chosen career. I may explain a disease condition further to a patient, explain the treatment regimen that I have chosen, what the risks and benefits of performing something, and what to expect. Patients love that. However, there are also risks involved, which may include a patient being bombarded with so much information that it just gets complicated.

I really don't know. I think that this quality is already a part of who I am, with that underlying "researcher" inside me, I think that this "geek talk" will stay that way, and I hope to harness its benefits in the future.

Anyway, Happy Easter, everyone.

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