The Liebster Blog Award (Part 1)

*drum roll please*

First of all, I would like to give thanks to the one who gave this blog an award, she whom with love conquers all - be it mountains or adventure, The Pinay Thrillseeker. This woman got it all - guts, means, and the will to try and actually nail some adventures that common people do not experience in their ordinary lives. Now, if you want travel tips, ideas, and help, you might want to seek help from an expert, so, go to her blog and see the difference from others! (Actually, she gave me this award few months back, however, due to a really tight schedule, I failed to do so! T_T)

Before I answer the questions provided to me, I would like to tell all of you first what Liebster Blog Award is.

The Liebster Blog Award is given to bloggers who are up and running, with less than 200 followers in their blog. The word "Liebster" is a German word that means "favorite." This award, simply saying, is the "Favorite Blog Award."

Once given this award, the blogger is given 11 questions, which are needed to be answered. The one who received the award also notes the giver, as well as pass it on to some bloggers, who, in turn, answers your questions.

Below are the questions that The Pinay Thrillseeker gave me, as well as my answers:

1. Why do you blog?
I am currently maintaining a blog for a single reason. I like to earn lots of money. Haha. Kidding! I am writing a blog because first, writing is my passion. I like to write, and have immersed myself in a lot of writing activities to hone my skills. Second, I blog because I would like to have an outlet for my really random thoughts, which are done in the uhm.. the toilet, hence the title.

2. What's the story behind your first ever blog post?
*checks first blog post*

(The first blog post is actually an introduction, so I'm moving on to the next blog post, which is actually my first.)

Actually, I have written this post because I am pissed off with the Philippines' Backer System. (more information on blog post). At the same time, I just got employed, to a job that I thought that will foster backer system, but I got it all wrong.

3. Where's your dream destination, and why?
My dream destination is Korea! (South Korea of course, I still want to live!) I like to visit the country, eat Korean food, cooked by a Korean, experience snow, and almost everything that I can do there. I also want to speak to Koreans (I've been learning for a year now, but with no one to practice with). I also want to buy my own Hanbok, and wear it! Hehe.. If you want to see my obsession with the country and their culture, visit it here.

4. Where's your favorite place (among the places you've been to), and why?
Hmmmm.. Possibly, it's Manaoag in Pangasinan. It is a place for prayer, and if you have something to ask, thank for, or ask forgiveness for, then you might want to consider going here. The ambiance in the area surely brings a relaxing feeling!

5. What is your favorite color?

6. What would surely make you smile?
If someone gives me a lot of money, my smile will be from ear to ear. Hehe. Kidding aside, seeing my younger sister do the Gangnam Style, or her singing to the top of her lungs would definitely make me happy.

7. What would ruin your day?
Seeing my possessions taken without my permission.

8. What's your favorite subject in school?
I like Chemistry most (high school), if you're familiar with Nursing subjects, I like Pharmacology and Anatomy and Physiology most. :D

9. What's your favorite sport or sports team?
I like golf the most. Pang-mayaman eh. Hehe.

10. Are you right-handed or left-handed?
I am a leftie.

11. What did you do for your last birthday?
Wala lang, went to school. Went out with close friends after. Haha. It's a school day, after all.

That's it! After I give a gist of my life, I would like to give some questions to some controversial people I know!

1. What is your profession/occupation?

2. If you were an anime character, who would you be?

3. Given a chance to change the country you are born to, where and what race would you want to be in? (No staying in the same country and race!)

4. Given the chance to become the president of your country, would you choose the spot, or refuse it? Why or why not?

5. Answer this academically (haha!) Which came first, the egg or the chicken? Why?

6. Given the chance to go back to the past and lead the discovery of a thing, what would it be?

7. If you're in a role-playing game (RPG), what would your profession be, and why? (Choose between Swordsman, Priest, Magician, Thief, Archer, Merchant)

8. Which is more useful for you, the keyboard, or mouse? Why?

9. Who would you choose? Someone physically sexy, or brain sexy, and why?

10. If you're given the chance to predict your future, but at the same time, forget chunks of your past, will you accept it, or not?

11. What would you eat, the food that you hate the most, but is beautifully prepared, or the food you like but is grossly prepared? Why?

I really want to thank The Pinay Thrillseeker for nominating me for this award, and to those I will pass it on, may the odds be with you! :)


The list might (might!) grow someday. Hehe, but for now, these good writers, I think, really deserve the award!


  1. Salamat sa award bro. Naku, dalawa na kayo ni Cris of PinayThrillSeeker na pinagkakautangan ko nito. :)

    Kaliwete ka pala. Magaling ka rin ba magdrawing? kasi marami ako kakilala na artists e kaliwete.

    salamat sa award at para makilala bilang magaling na writer ng isang kapwa blogger ay nakakataba ng puso.Di ko maipapangako na magagawa ko yung post but I'll try the soonest (naku, 2 na kayong pinagkakautangan ko talaga. hahaha)

    Salamat uli :)


  2. maraming salamat po sa iyong pagkilala ngunit subalit datapwat ako'y hindi magaling na manunulat. isa lamang akong hamak na salbahe.


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