12 Things on 2012

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The time I started the year 2012, I always thought that the previous year will be the best year of all. Several things have happened on 2011 - I graduated my degree, fortunately with flying colors, passed the board exams, same, and met some people who have placed some impact in my life. It was so good to be true that I almost wanted to stop the time in that year. However, as life moves on, I come to realize that the following year will bring heaps of blessings too.

Today is January 1, 2013, and it's the start of another year. However, let me thank God for everything that has happened in the past year. It's been a winning streak of blessings, year per year, and I'm really thankful for that. But now, below are the top 12 things that somewhat made my 2012 really cool.

1. Me and my sister having our first (paying) jobs. After being volunteer nurses for a few months (my sister, years), both of us are accepted in jobs that helped us somewhat provide for our family and help with expenses. There may be some ups and downs in our jobs, but still I am thankful for these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

2. Good health and safety for me and my family. God knows that I always wished for this. In almost every prayer I have with Him, this will not be missed. As they say, the door will be opened for those who knock, and this, I am thankful, was possible in the year 2012, and I wish that it will continue to be granted. :)

3. Enlightenment. This year, I always asked for signs regarding some paths that I might take in the future. For example, whether to pursue my childhood dream or not (which will be explained further).

4. Meeting and still being friends with "that person". Simple as that.

5. Our church organization being intact and becoming stronger. Our church organization has long suffered a silent war, being split in two groups, with each having different views about things running within the organization. Being the "buffer" for those long years, I am happy that we are able to unite the group, now being stronger, and much more energized to serve the Lord.

6. Passing (or having a good score in) the NMAT (National Medical Admission Test). For almost two years, I have sought for a sign from up above, if either I really need to pursue my dream, to become a physician. I always thought to myself that I really am satisfied with becoming a nurse, but my mind won't stop. And now, asking for a sign, I promised myself that if I failed the requirement of the school I'm looking forward to attending (which is, by the way, being in the 65th percentile), I will never take the exams again. Then, after the results showed up, I was shocked to get something way better. :D

More than enough! :)

7. I was able to read books....... again. After being unable to read books after graduation, I was glad that I am back on track again to read some books. I have finished 4 novels before the year ends, and I look forward to reading more and more this year! (Gear up, Booksale!) Moreover, I am also planning to finish the Bible this year. Really hoping to.

8. I was seriously able to seriously start a "serious" blog. Yes. I have thought many times of establishing a blog - actually, I have started lots of blogs, but did not have the effort to maintain and write religiously. After some months of thinking, I was able to start this blog, the another "Korean-themed" blog, and also planning to start another. But I hope not to bite more than I can chew. :) Moreover, I am thankful that still, there are people who read this random blog!

9. Being able to meet really nice persons. Being exposed to the "working" part of life, I was able to meet different kinds of people, which forced me to be flexible and try to work with them harmoniously. The good thing is, for example, in my current work assignment, these people really treated me as a family, not merely an employee or an alien from another company. These people really made me feel like a family member, a feeling that is rarely seen in a workplace.

Moreover, I met some people through blogging, and being friends with them is something I must be thankful of, like Lilibeth, Rogie, Apollo and many more. It's nice, right, 원택? ㅋㅋ

10. Being intact with serving God. There is some trend in our church that once a person studies in college or attends a university, or finished schooling and start working, he stops service to God and may rarely attend in masses. However, I am thankful that I am still able to balance my time with everything I do, and still serving to God even though I currently have a hectic schedule.

11. I was able to experience things that I didn't experience before. Oops, you might be misled. Hehe. I am not talking about that. XD I am thankful for being able to eat some food that I was not able to eat before, like buro and to drink more overpriced beverages (hehe), ride a motorbike (the backside), and many more experiences.

12. I am still alive. I am thankful for I am still alive. Life is indeed a great gift to receive from God. Being able to wake up, breathe, experience pains and joys, be with the family, work, blog, smile, and everything you can do as you life really is a blessing. Though I grow older, with additional responsibilities, and suffer from some difficulties, I am still thankful that I live to experience those and do solutions for those. And, stupidly believing the December 21 prediction, I am really thankful that the world did not end! Hehe

So, that's it folks! The year 2012 has already past, but I think that being thankful for those blessings that we had is never a bad thing, right? We may hope and wish for a good 2013, but as long as we believe, knock repeatedly, and do something about these wishes, God will see the efforts and may possibly grant what we wish for! Let's look forward to a good and blessed year!~

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  1. Happy new year! 2012 was also great for me meeting friends like you even only online. may 2013 bring more blessings to you and your family. :)


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