Nothing is Impossible

After having a very long hiatus in writing, I decided to write a blogpost. (Lol, seriously) 

Updates.... I am not a third year student, close to graduating. I have been recently elected as the student council president. I was bombarded with what the third year of medicine can offer. And I am having that periodic intermittent loss-of-hope syndrome again and again. 

 I feel like I want to quit this course. Again. And again. And again. 

Whenever I see my friends' and classmates' posts, with them being able to go to vacation and enjoy the fruits of their labor, here I am, working my ass off, studying, and loading myself up with stresses which I could have avoided. 

 I wanted this. I am the one who pursued this course, and I am the one who filed by certificate of candicady. It was me who wanted to become a physician to help the needy. It was me who wanted to hone my leadership skills and serve the student body. I don't have anyone but myself to blame. Sometimes, I just wanted to give up.

But I realized, in the end, it is from whom you extract your strength from that matters. My friends, family, my team, and Jesus which, when I am really stressed and can't go on, is always present, though I sometimes fail to follow His example. Even though I am really unfair when it comes to Him, He is always there to lend me a helping hand - those bruised, bloody hands are whaticks me up when I stumble. It was those warm hands that makes my heart feel warm again. 

And as I was losing hope, I consulted the scriptures, and it gave me this wonderful message: 

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding." - Psalms 3:5 NASB

God is really great. All is well.


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