Figure1: The "Instagram" for Medical Professionals

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Do you recognize the image above? Or do you even have the idea of what disease is it?

That's the same for me, before I downloaded this so-called "Instagram for Medical Professionals."

Let me share a story...

It was the second year of my Doctor of Medicine degree when I came across the subject Pathology. Yeah, it came easy for the first few months, going through the basics, however, as it ran long, it became harder and harder. Lab time transformed from rest time to serious time as every slide becomes complicated. A professor is present, however, is not enough to cater all our explanations. I tried to hit the books, however, it gave me additional headaches.

I needed help.

It was then that I read an online article about the "Instagram" for medical professionals. It is called Figure1, which is built by medical professionals for the same, though it is widely open for those medical professional-wannabes as well as students.

Figure1, Photo-sharing App for Medical Professionals!

It showed me Pathology slides which I was not able to appreciate from the laboratory, as well as books. Those diseases which were not taught very well were well-explained. Even those topics concerning dentistry, which I think are important for our medical career are introduced. Rare diseases, which are not even mentioned in school are found there, shown from real patients (with confidentiality matters, of course.)

Real pathologists, internists, radiologists, medical students, nurses, medical technologists, etc., are interacting with me. It's like I am working in a hospital. It's like a meetup with people having the same "language" as me. It's like I found a new family.

I started telling friends, classmates, as well as family about Figure1, and have enjoyed the application ever since. Our knowledge about the diseases we are studying became more vast, and it really supplemented my medical studies.

It definitely is helpful.

And now, I would like to share these benefits with you, my dear readers. For medical professionals and students alike, this application can become helpful. It is available in the Android OS, as well as iOS. The application is highly safe, and is device-friendly. It does not require much resources, which is really nice.

You can download the Figure1 App here.

PS: And, if you're wondering what disease is shown in the X-ray film above, it's a case of Legg-Calves-Perthes disease, one of the rare cases available in Figure1!

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  1. Interesting struggle you have there. Not really! It happens to the most of us. While you likely pave your path for success, I've finished mine and have retired. Would I have done things differently, I suppose a few (mainly more education). Did I ever quit anything I started?...nope (except for a short stint in baseball where I stubbornly realized I was not good enough for success in that field). The similarities between you, and me...and the masses? Stress! As a physician in training, one of the first things you should have learned by now is that stress can kill, or at a minimum, depress and demotivate. Learn quickly how to deal with stress and you will find yourself moving along at break neck speed to your goals. It's simple, take a short break several times a week and get some exercise. Good old fashioned cardio workout will do wonders for your expanding mind. It's that simple. And don't ever give up! Good luck.


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