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Hi! I am ventocoseuss, an amateur blogger. I have written in our school paper way back in high school, and specialized in News Writing. However, now, I'm trying to venture on free-writing, thus my arrival to blogging. I think I have also enhanced my proofreading skills while being a writer for the school paper.

I am a nurse. I have passed the Nursing Licensure Examination here in the Philippines, and I think that I being a nurse is not enough. The "caring" job of a nurse, I think, is quite noble, but still does not satisfy me. I am constantly in the pursuit in the "curing" nature of Medicine. Please pray for me to have a safe and easy journey of being a physician!

I am a son of God. Actually, we all are. We are given every blessings that we can receive in this world, and it is right and just to give them back to Him. I am fond of serving in the church, and I think that every blessing come in heaps. Maybe you should try it too!

Well, that's a gist of me and my life. You may know more about me once you have read my blog. Enjoy reading, God bless!


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  1. hi! i'm writing a paper about the issues regarding being employed and the employment opportunities available in the country. i find your article very helpful. thanks!


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